Where To Buy The Rihanna Fur Sliders In Black

by Augusta Statz

Now that these incredible RiRi-approved shower shoes are available to shop, you’ve got to act fast. Find out where to buy Rihanna’s fur sliders in black before they’re all gone. These shoes are available in black, white and a pinkish “shell” color, but if you’re into a sleek look, then it’s most likely the darkest shade that you’re after.

All three colors of the shoes are slated to land in Puma stores and on the brand's website at 10 a.m. EST on Friday. But, there are also other retailers that will carry these sliders, so go ahead and open up a few tabs. As soon as one store sells out, it’s on to the next. Be prepared because I have a feeling these won’t last long! The Nordstrom website stocked the shoes first, and as of 9:43 a.m. EST still had the full range of sizes in the black version of the shoe available. If you’re not already waiting in line at a store location, using your laptop is likely your only chance of getting these before they hit eBay.

So, get to work, work, work, work and put your online shopping powers to good use. With three shades and multiple retailers, you’ve got a good shot of snagging these fur-covered fabulous sliders if you act quickly. It’s a bit stressful, I know, but trust me, these Rihanna-approved slip-ons are more than worth your efforts.

RiRi herself expertly demonstrates how to rock these black sliders.

And proves that pairing them with a cute pair of socks is a good move.

Even if the black sold out and you had to get them in white it wouldn't be so bad, would it?