Will Mindy & Jody Get Together On 'The Mindy Project'? The Two Doctors Shared An Interesting Moment

In the first episode of The Mindy Project after Mindy and Danny made a clean break, Mindy dipped her toe into the world of dating as a single mom. Her first post-breakup date went wrong for reasons unrelated to motherhood or baby Leo, which was very funny and felt realistic. That said, the episode ended on an interesting tease — are Mindy and Jody going to get together on The Mindy Project ?

Jody spent most of the episode acting out after learning that his sister, Collette, didn't want to live with him anymore and was moving in with Morgan. After realizing that they are both free from their respective partners (and when Mindy discovered just how rich Jody is) the two made some awkward jokes about hooking up, and then bolted. Is this going to be a thing now? They've pretended to be in a relationship before, and are excellent working partners despite their many ideological differences. However, I just don't see a spark there.

The last thing that Mindy needs is to get into another work relationship. If she really wants to move on from Danny, her next relationship shouldn't be Danny 2.0 — right? Her work relationship with Jody is a good foil to her friendship with Morgan, and I love that both of them are platonic.

Plus, I think Jody's relationship with his sister is interesting enough. There's plenty of conflict there, he doesn't need to be in a romantic plot line with another major character. I would rather see that develop. I would also rather see more teaming up between Mindy and Tamra. Who else can they spy on with elaborate disguises and business pitches? I know that The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy at heart, but I honestly hope that the show isn't about to go there with Mindy and Jody.

Images: Jordan Althaus, Evans Vestal Ward/Universal Television