These Funny New York Primary Memes & Jokes Are As Feisty As The Election Itself

After weeks of anticipation, the New York primary finally commenced on Tuesday, and the day was just as crazy as you thought it would be. The lead up was pretty indicative of how intense the voting was going to be — the Republicans went into all-out-attack mode, and the previously congenial Democratic opponents started getting feisty with one another, each trying to win their home state. Luckily, the Internet is around to shed some humor on even the most rancorous political battles, and the New York primary jokes and memes did not disappoint Tuesday night.

#NewYorkValues apparently include an amazing sense of humor, because the Empire State citizens seriously could have broken the Internet with their hilarious commentary on all the events of election day. From Hillary Clinton’s dominos etiquette to a kind suggestion on where to put your ballot if you’re voting for Donald Trump, New Yorkers brought their personal brand of humor to the proceedings that were fraught with controversy. Polling places opened late, had broken machines, and were understaffed — not to mention the 3 million independent voters in New York who were unable to vote in the state’s closed primary system.

Nevertheless, New Yorkers forged ahead under the difficult circumstances and managed to make them funny, like they always do. Check out these hysterical jokes and memes from New York primary day.

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