Where To Buy Rihanna For Fenty X Stance Socks For The Perfect Sporty Vibe — PHOTOS

Leave it to this artist to deliver must-have shoes for summer along with the perfect socks to pair with them. Because when you’re someone like RiRi one hit just isn’t good enough! Find out where to buy Rihanna for Fenty X Stance socks for the cutest tough-girl vibe you could ever hope for.

Rihanna’s Puma fur sliders are cute, yet edgy and will pair nicely with all of the athleisure-wearing you’ve got planned for those lazy summer months. But, if you’re also hoping to pair those furry sandals with a cute sundress, well, now you know just how to do it. These footies are “baby sport, baby doll, tomboy sport,” as Rihanna put it. And with sheerness, lace details and varsity numbers, she couldn’t be more spot-on about this collection.

This range is girly, but still has a sporty vibe which is just the kind of thing you were going for, right? If not, you definitely will be now. If Rihanna says a certain style is in, then so be it! You’ll be able to shop these fun socks at Nordstom and at Stance stores, as well as on their website. They’re already available for purchase, so if you’re planning on trying to snag those fur sliders when they drop (and who isn’t?), go on and buy the perfect socks to go with them, why don’t you?

Rihanna-designed socks and sliders are a match made in heaven.

1. Spoiled Brat Anklet

Spoiled Brat Anklet, $16, Stance

These will go quite nicely with those "shell" colored slides, no?

2. Lace Socks

Lace Socks, $16, Stance

The varsity stripes add just the right amount of sportiness to these lace socks.

3. 88 Hosiery

88 Hosiery, $20, Stance

These were made to be worn with a longline bomber jacket for a RiRi-approved athleisure look.

4. Tip Toe Baby

Tip Toe Baby, $18, Stance

These toe-less socks will go great with a pair of heels for the ultimate in sporty-chic attire.

5. 88 Anklet

88 Anklet, $16, Stance

You can also cop the cropped version of these varsity-style socks.

6. Sporty Baby

Sporty Baby, $20, Stance

These will make your leggings all the more stylish.

As if you hadn't already fallen completely in love with these socks, go behind the scenes to learn more about what inspired their design.

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When it comes to clothing, socks, shoes, music, you name it — Rihanna always kills it. But what else would you expect?


Bow down to the queen.

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