The Best Reaction Faces at New York Fashion Week Fall 2014

Source: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Although the Fashion Week front row invitation is highly coveted, really, it should come with a warning. You're bound to end up in way too many runway shots, which can only mean one thing: whatever expression is on your face will be seen. And isn't it a shame, because we're not always aware of our body language... but the camera definitely is. Now that New York Fashion Week is over, relive the boredom, the excitement, and the confusion that went on next to the runway. Even if those with the primo real estate don't necessarily want you to.

Images: Getty Images

Paris Hilton at Betsey Johnson

Dear Betsey Johnson, Paris Hilton is not amused by your green sparkly dress. Someone’s bored in the front row!

Front Rower at Skingrat

Skingraft’s edgy line wouldn’t be complete without spectators like the guy on the right to stare intensely into each design. 

Lilla Crawford at Hernan Lander

This kid is STOKED. Isn’t that adorable.

Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs

 Jacobs and his model are definitely communicating with their eyes — but what are they saying?

Marc Jacobs at Marc Jacobs

Shocked by your own work, Marc?

Frederique van der Wal at Kithe Brewster

We can’t decide if Frederique van der Wal is confused or amused by the gothic runway makeup at Kithe Brewster’s runway show.

Anna Wintour, Lupita Nyong'o, and Naomi Watts at Calvin Klein

So many different face in one photo! Plus, we always love the rare occasions that Anna Wintour takes off her signature sunglasses to find the next big thing for Vogue

Lupita Nyong'o and Naomi Watts at Calvin Klein

Is it just us, or do these two actresses whispering about what they see on the runway look dangerously like young girls gossiping?

Keren Ann and Anna Kendrick at J. Mendel

A model stands between joy on her left, and intensity to her right.

Janice Dickinson at Custo Barcelona

Janice Dickinson knows that social media rules Fashion Week — she has her phone out and ready to capture her favorite runway looks.