Hillary Clinton Has Some Advice For Professional Women

Hillary Clinton knows a thing or two about how to thrive professional environments dominated by men. On Thursday, Clinton spoke in New York at the inaugural event for "No Ceilings," a Clinton Global Initiative project launched in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation with the goal of at increasing women’s opportunity across the world. At the sold-out auditorium, the former Secretary of State dished out some great advice for young women on leadership, criticism, and the best advice she has for women in public roles.

On Self-Doubt

“I have employed by this time a lot of very talented young men and young women. And offering a promotion or expanded responsibilities to a young woman almost always provokes a response something like ‘Oh I don’t know if I can do that’ or ‘Are you sure I could do that’ or ‘I’m not positive I could take that on...I have never heard that from a young man.”

On How To Respond To Criticism

“When you look at the challenges of being a change-maker and being willing to buck the establishment, it’s important to learn how to take criticism seriously but not personally, and to do that you have to be willing to hear what others who are your critics are saying and to evaluate where they are coming from.”

On How To Succeed In Politics As A Woman

“The best advice I can give to women leaders is what Eleanor Roosevelt once said— ‘Every woman in public life needs to develop skin as tough as rhinoceros hide.”

On Being A Leader

“We are still developing what are the acceptable styles of leadership for women...I think you have to be so intentionally thoughtful about that as you assume a role in the public arena, without it making you less authentic or undermining your confidence.”

Image: Getty Images