Barry Gives Up His Speed On 'The Flash,' Leaving Caitlin In Serious Danger

If there's one thing that goes without saying on The Flash, it's that it's kind of hard to be a speedster without speed. Which, uh, kind of sucks for our pal Barry, considering that he is now a defunct speedster, like Jay was before the Velocity 9. Through no fault of his own, of course. It was incredibly selfless and altruistic, dare I say heroic, for Barry to give up his speed for his honorary brother Wally's life. But now he's quite literally stuck. There's only one question on my mind after watching this episode and the preview for The Flash episode "Back To Normal," airing April 26: How will Team Flash save Caitlin now that Barry has lost his speed?

While it looks like Cisco's come up with some sort of special suit to help with the problem, Barry takes quite a few punches in the trailer. It's actually pretty concerning. You know, I might even be worried about him if he was not the title character, meaning the show basically can't go on without him. Anyway, fourth wall reasons why I'm OK with him taking a few hits aside, I am, from one Cait to another, worried about Dr. Snow.

Barry forlornly talks about Caitlin and Wells (does he get kidnapped, too?) being gone in the trailer below, and then we see Caitlin being confronted by Jay, aka Hunter, aka Zoom, on what seems to be a medical bed. Poor Caitlin looks scared to death and that's really saying something, since she was the one to stand up to Zoom in the first place and convince him not to kill Barry with his bare hands.

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Guys, I am not going to lie to you, I am kind of stumped as to how the team is going to get Caitlin back, especially because I am not certain that Barry will even get his speed back in next week's episode. Will they find another way? Perhaps. But maybe instead, Caitlin can truly appeal to Jay's humanity like she did for that split second when he let Barry go, and she convinces him to release her.

As much as I love Barry, I am all for Caitlin being her own savior and defeating Zoom (at least temporarily) with a combination of heartfelt emotion and her brilliant logic. And unless Barry can figure out a way to live up to his Flash title very quickly, that might be her only option.

Image: Cate Cameron/The CW