Jokes About Donald Trump & The Empire State Building Depict The Future So Many People See

On Tuesday night, New York primary results rolled in with a big win for businessman and GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. As the results came in, CNN changed the lighting of the Empire State Building according to who won the state's primary. And people were filled with jokes about the Empire State Building's Donald Trump lighting. The nation watched as it turned a dark, crimson red as the GOP frontrunner took the big win in the state's primary, signaling what our future holds in the frightening case of a Donald Trump presidency — if that's what you would call it.

If Ohio Gov. John Kasich were to win the state, CNN would have turned the building purple, although it really wasn't likely that Kasich would be the big winner. In the case of a Texas Sen. Ted Cruz win, the building would have been coral. Of course, Twitter responded appropriately to the dark red building, which instilled fear in many who believed it could be a signal of what is yet to come.

Check out the tweets below.

Needless to say, the future that many people see under a President Trump is a brutal mix of gloom and doom.