14 4/20 Recipes That Will Satisfy Even The Most Severe Case Of The Munchies

You know, delicious food is always great, but satisfying your munchies seems to take on added significance when it comes to 4/20. Whether you plan to partake in the sublime, smoke-filled April 20 rituals or you prefer the pass to the puff, having a handful of 4/20 recipe ideas in your back pocket never hurt anyone. In fact, you could absolutely be the clutch player at the regular Wednesday night gathering if you bring one of these dishes to the party. I promise, no matter what planet your social group is on, they are going to want seconds of whichever recipe you choose from this list of sweet and savory snacks.

Peruse the indulgent choices before you, and decide on a theme for your munchfest: Will it be Death by Chocolate, or a full-on tribute to night cheese? No matter what your preference, these 14 pot-free recipes for 4/20 are guaranteed to put you in a food coma for the rest of the day. And, if cooking with cannabis is more your thing, make sure you check out cooking expert Michael Cirino's class on safely cooking with cannabis at The Brooklyn Kitchen.

Happy 4/20, and happy munching!

1. Buffalo Chicken Burrito Bowls

Who doesn't crave Mexican when their stomach is really growling? These bowls are full of healthy, bright ingredients, and they're delicious to boot.

Image and Recipe: Averie Cooks

2. 30-Minute Lasagna Soup

Because the only thing better than lasagna is lasagna you can eat with a spoon.

Image and Recipe: Averie Cooks

3. Peanut Butter S'mores Cookie Pie

For when you need a sugar high, but you're too lazy to unwrap all those little candies. Make a s'mores pie ahead of time, and dig in when you're ready for a super sweet treat.

Image and Recipe: Averie Cooks

4. Cinnamon Rolls

Wake and bake! More than likely, you'll want to prep everything the night before, chill the dough, slice it, then pop it in the oven when you roll out of bed. Drizzle icing onto the warm rolls when you're ready.

Image and Recipe: Bakerella

5. Szechuan Beef Burgers

Is it just me, or does Sriracha sound good on everything?

Image and Recipe: A Spicy Perspective

6. Outrageous Brownies

For a delicious spin on the classic stoner snack.

Image and Recipe: Crepes of Wrath

7. Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese

Cheesy, spicy goodness slapped between two doughy slices of buttered bread. Is there anything more 4/20 than this?

Image and Recipe: Foodiecrush

8. Greek Pasta Salad

You already know you're going to eat the entire bowl.

Image and Recipe: Foodiecrush

9. Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich

Sweet and savory and, yes, more grilled cheese. But, this time, it's between two waffles. Unbelievable ingenuity.

Image and Recipe: Foodiecrush

10. Peanut Butter and Jelly Banana Bread

The comforts of your favorite elementary school sandwich smooshed into an easy-to-eat banana bread. This one's a double crowd pleaser.

Image and Recipe: Taste and Tell

11. Maple & Candied Bacon Blondie Brownies

Hey, they're gluten-free! Oh, and there's bacon. Candied bacon.

Image and Recipe: The Urban Poser

12. Easy Pad Thai

Don't order delivery, make your own! This version is super simple and uses all the classic flavors of arguably the most scarfable Asian dish ever to grace a takeout menu.

Image and Recipe: Steamy Kitchen

13. Tomato and Ricotta Pull-Apart Bread

An easy bite with complex flavors. This one is simple and the presentation is pretty impressive. Plus, you don't need utensils, which is always nice when "fork" starts to sound like a funny word. Fork... Fork... Yeah.

Image and Recipe: The Little Epicurean

14. Death By Chocolate Cake

Want to test your baking and styling skills? So. Much. Chocolate. Go for it, and double points if it looks anything like this when it's done.

Image and Recipe: The Little Epicurean

Images: Sheelah Brennan/Unsplash