You Won't Believe What Kendall Just Did

Kim Kardashian may be known for shocking with her fashion choices, but on Thursday night all eyes were on younger sis as Kendall Jenner walked down Marc Jacobs' Fall 2014 runway in a sheer top. (Voilà, another pic if you please.)

The 18-year-old (yes, just 18!) is certainly making a name for herself that’s more than just the half-sister of Kim, or Ms. Harry Styles (but seriously — did he see his woman in this number that showcased her, ahem, numbers?). Since signing with Society Management in the fall, Jenner is doing her damndest to become a full-fledged part of the fashion industry.

She’s adopted a new, chic look with some dyed eyebrows and a new haircut (nothing says “I”m my own WOMAN” quite like chopping off your hair). And let’s talk about that Jenner's stunning W photo shoot, right? If ever there were hallmarks of a woman going for, "Hey, check me out and my fierce confidence. I'm an effing model, bitches," then, well, here they are.

Jenner's certainly growing up and becoming a lady, but damn, girl, boldly rocking the see-through top? Well, there are things one can get away with in the name of Marc Jacobs, and she certainly took her liberties with the rule.

Hilarious fashion blogger The Man Repeller Instagrammed Kendall’s runway debut, by saying, "Oooh! Kendall Jenner at Marc Jacobs."

Okay, that's one way to put it.

Image: Getty Images