11 Weird Hair Tools That Will Make Your 'Do Look Amazing

As a fashion and beauty writer, beauty tools are my achilles heel, by which I mean I only found out what a diffuser was about four weeks ago. So in a quest to better myself, I began researching all the best beauty products — including the weirdest hair tools — on the market right now. Although some of them might sound utterly ridiculous, others totally fill a need I never knew I had. As if I never thought of trimming my undercut with a vacuum cleaner attachment. So DIY, so fetch.

When it comes to crazy fashion and beauty tools, my mom has somehow tried and tested them all: So a few of these items actually come with her feedback as to how good (or bad) they actually are. In fact, she still uses a couple of the weirdest tools of all in her daily routine, proving that taking a risk on a new product is very often worth it. As for some of these other products, I've been dabbling into them myself.

Even if you don't think you need any more electronics to use once and then throw in the back of your closet, this list will hopefully be an amusing look into the mind of inventors born in a world where pretty much everything has already been made. Do we really need three new weird tools for curling our hair in 2016? Probably not. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't give them a go anyway. My advice is to start with these 11 peculiarities.

1. Creative Curl Creator

Conair Infiniti Pro Curl Secret, $69.99, Amazon

Instead of having to curl your hair around your wand, or do that weird trick with your hair straighteners, this curler sucks your straight hair inside it and turns it curly. It might seem gimmicky, but my mom loves it and uses it almost every day.

I don't know how this actually works — presumably by dark magic — but it seems just as fun to use as it is to have the perfect curls.

2. The Upgraded Towel

The Original Curly Tee Towel, $19.99, Amazon

Drying your hair with a T-shirt, something that cuts down on frizz drastically, has been a secret that the perfect hair community has held onto for a long time. The Curly Tee Towel offers the same effect, essentially, by using a 100 percent cotton jersey knit instead of the terry material you'll likely find in most regular towels.

3. Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Flowbee System With Super Mini Vac, $119.99, Amazon

This website — and product, TBH — comes straight out of the '90s and right into my heart. Not that I would personally ever cut my hair with a hoover attachment, but I would probably pay good money for one of my friends to do it to themselves.

With a whole page of glowing testimonials, who am I to judge? The Flowbee may be the best thing that'll ever happen to you.

4. Three Styles, One Pin

Goody Simple Styles Modern Updo Pin, $5.84, A mazon

I'm sure you've seen some variant of this one at your local drugstore and assumed it was the kind of thing your mom might use. But if you're not one of those beauty bloggers who can do a complicated up-do with one bobby pin, it may be worth taking the plunge into adulthood and investing in a hair tool that a businesswoman would use. Don't worry: I'll keep your secret.

5. Plait Paste

Oscar Blandi Pronto Braid Paste, $25, Amazon

It smooths and hides flyaway hairs in your braid, while adding "texture, volume, and definition" to your mane. This is the kind of product that would likely be perfect for shorter hair, for which a messy braid is usually an accident rather than a purposeful look.

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6. Telephone Wire Bobble

Invisibobble, $8, Urban Outfitters

I hope it's not just me, but I've seen this reinvention of the classic hair bobble everywhere these past few weeks. Apparently, it's perfect not just for keeping your pony in place, but for causing way less damage to your locks than an elastic hair tie might.

7. The Upgraded Hair Brush

Remington Hot Air Brush, $49.99, U lta

Another hot favorite of my mom's, this hair brush is so much more than just a hair brush. It rotates and releases hot air while brushing your strands. That means it's ideal for styling some gorgeous waves or just for drying your locks with less of the intensity of a blow dryer.

8. Filtered Water Showers

T3 Source Showerhead Filter, $130, Amazon

If you filter the water you drink, why not filter the water you wash your locks in as well? Or as Sephora's website reads, "Showering with chlorinated water dries out hair and skin and fades hair color. Chlorine is the real culprit behind dry, damaged hair and skin. Regular household water can contain half as much chlorine as a swimming pool. Shampoos and conditioners don't purify water. T3 Source filters do."

9. Twisted Hair Dryer Attachment

Forstyler Hair Twister, $39.99, forstyler.com

This attachment for your hair dryer will twist your strands while they're drying to create "soft, natural waves and curls." Claiming to be damage-free, this is a way to do all your heat styling at one time.

10. Roots Be Gone!

Root Touch-Up, $29.95, Madison-Reed

Don't have time to go get your roots did, but going to an occasion for which roots would be totally unacceptable? Madison Reed has you covered with this root touch-up powder. It's not tried and tested by myself, unfortunately, but 75 percent of reviews on Amazon give it five stars, so it seems pretty legit.

11. Head Torture Device

Hairagami Spin Braider, $7.95, hairagami.com

OK, I didn't know they still made these so I just had to include it. If you didn't have one of these in the '90s, don't worry: The main function was to tangle your hair irreparably at your BFF's sleepover so her mom would have to cut out a chunk of your locks while you cried. But who knows? Twenty years from now, they may just work out that minor flaw.

Hopefully this weird and wonderful list of hair tools will have inspired you into taking more risks with what you put on or in your mane. If not, there's nothing to fear. Just leave it up to our moms and younger siblings to test drive them, then purchase the items that didn't destroy anyone's locks.

Images: Courtesy Brands