Pink Will Debut Her New Single At The Billboard Music Awards & This Is An Amazing Moment For Her

There's nothing more that I love than a P!nk performance with the exception of one thing: A live P!nk performance. Her vocals and routines are always amazing but there's just something about her energy in the moment that is unparalleled. Which is why, as The Hollywood Reporter relays, that P!nk is debuting her new song at the Billboard Music Awards is kind of a big deal in more ways than one. "Just Like Fire" being performed live on TV is something of a spiritual experience for me, OK?

Just think about it. P!nk channeling all that excitement, anticipation, and behind debuting a new song? That's her specialty. I mean, girl sings while doing live acrobatics, so this should be a cake walk in consideration. She's sure to look and sound amazing up on stage. But THR points out another reason why this is such a noteworthy step for her career— this isn't just any song. They also note that she was the first performer announced, which is pretty damn special. It's good to be P!nk right now.

The site explains that, "'Just Like Fire' — from the upcoming Disney film, Alice Through the Looking Glass — is P!nk's first single in three years. Co-written by Max Martin, Shellback and Oscar Holter, 'Just Like Fire' is P!nk’s first original song for a live-action movie."

I mean, on one hand, how is it only her first? P!nk's got talent and charisma to spare. But on the other hand, this is a pinnacle moment for her, and I cannot wait to see this song flourish. And, honestly, the Billboard Music Awards is the perfect place to get it the exposure it needs to be a hit. After hearing the song with my own two ears, make no mistake, this inspiring anthem should be a hit.

If you haven't yet heard it, you can check out the song for yourself below:

PinkVEVO on YouTube

You can watch P!nk's, "Just Like Fire," performance on May 22nd at 8pm on ABC.