8 Earth Day Freebies And Deals That Will Make You Love Our Planet Even More

Earth Day is a day filled with environmental awareness, the great outdoors, and — oh yeah — pretty great Earth Day freebies, discounts, and deals. They say nothing in life is free, but obviously that notion goes straight out the door when specific holidays hit. On Earth Day, especially, many retailers want to spread the word about being environmentally friendly, and are quick to promote their dedication to the cause with fun handouts.

Earth Day falls on April 22 every year, and this year's freebies will be way more fun, as that day just so happens to land on a Friday. But before we go on, let me stress that while it's great to get free stuff, we should think a little bit about why. This is the 46th anniversary of the holiday, which aims to focus on environmental issues, and how we, today, can make a difference for the future. While these lifestyle changes to ensure a better Earth should be happening every day, the 22nd is a day to really kick up our efforts and consider volunteering, whether it be with planting trees, or cleaning up local rivers and streams. We've only got one Earth, so we need to treat it with the utmost respect, by becoming aware of why recycling is important, and how we need to be ahead of issues like climate change and unnecessary pollution.

Here are a few retailers that want you to know that they care about the Earth, as well as you.

1. Amazon

Amazon cares about educating our kids, and is offering up a download of "The Four Seasons — An Earth Day Interactive Children's Storybook" for free. This "storybook" is actually an app, and it's dedicated towards teaching young'uns about Earth Day in a fun and interactive way. Sure, this might not be too exciting to those without kids, but hey — free is free.

Last year, Amazon also had a sale where it discounted nature-related DVDs by 50 percent. While nothing has been announced just yet, it's worth it to keep an eye on the site for some last-minute deals.


Florida-based readers will want to stop by their local EVOS shop for a free, creamy organic milkshake. EVOS currently has four locations, in Tampa, South Tampa, St. Pete, and Pinecrest. Who can say no to a free milkshake?

It's also giving away a $25 giftcard to those who participate in its Earth Day photo contest. Just take a picture of yourself with your Earth Day milkshake, share it on its fanpage, and consider yourself entered.

3. Caribou Coffee

If you snagged a Caribou Coffee Mother Earth tumbler, you're in luck. You can bring this tumbler in for a free cup of coffee all month. Starbucks also typically has a free coffee Earth Day deal when you bring in reusable cups — nothing has been announced officially for this year, but it's always worth a shot.

4. Target

Target is definitely into promoting sustainable living. In the past, it offered free re-usable bags on Earth Day. Heck, even when it's not Earth Day, it gives a five cent discount per bag when you bring your own. This year, its website states that events will definitely be happening both in-store and online to celebrate, so it'd be wise to hit up your local Target and see what freebies and discounts they have this year.

5. Saks Fifth Avenue

Saks Fifth Avenue is giving away a free Chinatown Pocket Spray in a festive Earth Day pouch, when you buy Bond No. 9 New York Fragrance. So if you're a Bond No. 9 girl, it might be a good time to stock up. You can grab this deal online, using the promo code "BOND2CHT."

6. Citi Bike

If you're located in New York City, you'll love the chance to get a free day pass from your friends at Citi Bike. Its goal is to limit the amount of cars on the road. All you need to do to participate is check out its website, and enter your e-mail address.


Like nail polish? Then you'll love this deal. ZOYA is all about recycling, and is offering a trade-in deal for Earth Day. Trade in old, unwanted polish for fresh, non-toxic ZOYA polish. There's a minimum of six and a maximum of 24 polishes per customer, and the code you'll want to use at checkout is ZGREEN. Polishes sent back to its location in Bedford, Ohio will be disposed of in an environmentally safe way.

8. Free entry to national parks

Sure, parks aren't "retail," but Earth Day is a great opportunity to take a free hike. This promotion will be going on through April 24, so you have plenty of opportunities to get some fresh air this weekend.

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