'Bachelor In Paradise' Season 3 Is Almost Here

Now that winter seems to have officially retreated, we can embrace what I fondly call "Arms and Legs Season," also known as spring. And, we can also look ahead to all of the amazing television that is more warm-weather focused. There's no one show that pairs carnal desire and swimwear better than Bachelor in Paradise, which has officially received it's premiere summer air date. Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 will premiere on Aug. 2, according to producer Elan Gale's Instagram, which is slated to be one of the most exciting Tuesdays in history. To help celebrate this blessed event, I've prepared a guide to throwing a Bachelor in Paradise viewing party.

I'm sure you're familiar with The Bachelor and Bachelorette viewing parties: You and your friends in elastic waist pants drinking red wine. For a Monday night, even having the energy to flick on the TV is enough. However, Bachelor in Paradise's Tuesday night slot lends itself to a rowdier vibe, perhaps reminiscent of your undergrad days of yore when you went out six nights a week without fail (just me? Oops). Even so, the tropical flair of Bachelor in Paradise may inspire you to party, so here's a few failsafe suggestions for Aug. 2.

Wine (Or An Alcohol Of Your Choosing)

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What is a Bachelor show without a glass or two of wine? And, while that's a great standby, you could even get a little funkier and go with a tropical beverage to celebrate summer.

Little Paper Umbrellas. Lots Of 'Em

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Now I know you may be thinking that this is just an extension of the tip above, but paper umbrellas are allowed to exist independently of cocktails. Perhaps you've always desired a miniature, flimsier version of the umbrella you've been hoisting through all of the April showers? Look no further than your nearest party supply store for the tiny decor of your dreams.


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All food should be consumed in this manner, in my opinion, but skewers are especially appropriate in the context of a Bachelor in Paradise viewing party. They're easy to handle, and they provide you with a weapon should you get into it with your friends over whether or not Lace should stay or be eliminated. (Only kidding.)

Sand On Sand On Sand

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While this one might not be as viable for apartment dwellers across the nation, perhaps that lucky percentage with a backyard and/or the means and patience to execute this could enjoy their own sand to stick their toes in. However, if you aren't willing to deal with the sediment and potential fallout of your cat confusing it for a litter box, perhaps a tiny zen garden is in order. It's all about the vibes, y'all, so get ready for August.

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