Where Can You Buy MAC Good Luck Trolls? You Don't Want To Miss Out On This

I think we can all agree that MAC Cosmetics has some of the best collections and scores the sweetest celebrity collaborations, but their latest is topping anything they've done to this point. MAC is launching a Good Luck Trolls themed collection, I've got the details on where you can get everything the second it all hits shelves (both IRL and online).

Even though it's 2016 and all, it feels like we're basically living in the '90s. Nostalgia for the decade is at its peak right now, and MAC is totally tapping into that with its newest Good Luck Troll themed collection. Can you only imagine the crazy colors?!

Troll dolls were all the rage back in elementary school, and literally everyone had them. Girls, guys, whatever — trolls were a universal love. I mean, not only were they crazy adorable, but their bright rainbow hair colors were all kinds of pretty. So imagine that in a makeup collection. Yeah, you're going to want to own everything. The collection includes lipstick, lip glass, eye shadow, pigment, glitter, powder, and a brush, all in bright colors like bubblegum pink, cobalt blue, and lime yellow. So where can you buy it? The collection will be available in August 2016 at selection MAC stores (exact location TBD) and maccosmetics.com.

How has it taken this long for troll colors to come to makeup? Genius.

Cannot. Contain. My. Excitement. August, can you come sooner, please?

Images: Courtesy of MAC Cosmetics