Shop Rihanna's "Needed Me" Dress This Summer

When this artist releases a music video it’s bound to be sexy. And Rihanna’s latest video is just that. Lucky for you, you can totally copy Rihanna’s “Needed Me” sheer robe for all of your beach-going needs this summer. Just think of how great you’ll look with that sheer maxi dress blowing in the sea breeze. Leave it to Bad Girl RiRi to get your summertime sizzling.

You can channel your inner RiRi and throw on a sheer dress to go on top of your bathing suit or that triangle top you’ve paired with cut-off denim shorts. You can pretty much style this however you like because there’s no going wrong with a look this feminine and sexy. Rihanna really nailed soft, sultry style with this ensemble, and it’s not hard to copy her look or make one that’s all your own.

Rihanna’s white gown is ethereal and gorgeous and definitely shows off her softer side in this music video. Of course, she’s still a tough-girl who’s going to get exactly what she wants, which also comes across in the “Needed Me” storyline. Shop sheer maxi dresses so you can rock her barely there look all season long. Those hot summer months are about to be so much hotter, all thanks to your girl, Rihanna.

This white sheer dress is just gorgeous.

I can picture just how beautiful this will be on the shore.

Slay in all this sheerness, RiRi, slay.

This femme fatale style suits her, don't you think?

1. Floral Maxi

Maxi Sheer Mesh Dress With Festival Floral Flocking, $65, ASOS

There's no going wrong with a floral frock, no matter what you're wearing underneath.

2. Simple Maxi Dress

Chiffon Maxi Dress, $13, Forever 21

This will look incredible along all of your beachside strolls.

3. Mesh Kimono

Floral-Embroidered Mesh Kimono, $28, Forever 21+

A mesh kimono is the perfect way to top-off any summertime outfit.

4. Ruffle Sleeve T-Shirt Dress

Mermaid Dress With Ruffle Sleeve Detail, $57, ASOS

Edgy and girly at the same time? I think Rihanna would definitely approve.

5. Button-Up Maxi Dress

Plus Size Sheer Maxi Shirt Dress, $46, Simply Be

A classic button-up t-shirt dress with a little bit of added sexiness is never a bad option.

6. Delicate Detailing

Cannes Beach Coverup, $194, For Love & Lemons

The detailing in this dress is too good to pass up.

7. Lace Cover-Up

Lace Tie Back Cover-Up, $25, Torrid

A lace cover-up like this is easy to transition from day to night or, you know, from beach to Tiki hut bar.

Rihanna's serving up all of the summer dressing inspo you could need.

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