James Franco's Brother Dave to Star In 'The Room' & 7 Other Pairs of Sibling Co-Stars

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The Francos are taking over Hollywood — this time, together. According to reports, Dave Franco has joined brother James Franco's new film The Room , which brother James is also set to direct. While there is no word yet as to whether the two will play relatives in the movie, we're stoked to see the Franco brothers take the big screen together. While Dave Franco is set to star in the upcoming comedy Neighbors — alongside his brother's friend Seth Rogen — the other Franco has been eyeing edgier roles, like his recent role as drug dealer/Britney Spears enthusiast Alien in Spring Breakers. Together, we think that these brothers could play well off of one another, and we're excited to see how this family affair turns out.

The Franco brothers aren't the only siblings to take on a movie together, though Click through to see 7 other siblings who shared the screen.

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