The 'Tyrant' Season 3 Premiere Date Can't Come Soon Enough For Fans

If you thought that the TV on offer this summer was already looking entertaining, get set to cancel that beach holiday, skip every last barbecue in the park, and sit in your room with the curtains drawn and your landline unplugged, because Tyrant Season 3 is coming to FX, and we finally know exactly when. In case you couldn't tell from my colorful intro, we'll be seeing more of the runaway hit this summer, specifically on Wednesday, July 6.

Tyrant is a show about a man forced to confront his past, though this time the show is a drama, not comedy. It centers on the younger of two sons of a Middle Eastern tyrant — title drop! — who lives in America but is forced to return to his homeland, the fictional Abuddin, for a family wedding and who immediately gets entangled in a political revolution there. The premiere date taking place a couple days after Independence Day is, thus, a fun coincidence that really goes well with the themes of the show.

The drama left us on a cliffhanger, with us unsure of what would happen to Jamal after an assassination attempt; if he's bit the dust, Abuddin would then pass into his brother Barry's governance. Sex and the City's Chris Noth i.e. Mr Big is set to join the cast as a general, which could mean great things for the single ladies of Abuddin who have their hearts set on a "Will-they-won't-they" type romance.

You guys, this is a little like Game of Thrones except the inverse. Not so much "WINTER'S COMING" as much as "SUMMER'S COMING." I suggest you use this two month jump I'm giving you to give your friends, lovers, family, and colleagues notice that you're going to be a little absent this summer. That villa in the Hamptons? Hmm, you're a firm maybe. That road trip? You're a definite probablynot. The fourth place in the car to hit that random festival? #sorrynotsorry but no thank you kindly. You get the picture. The best of FX's TV offerings is about to return with another action packed season, and you know you need to be there instead.

Images: FX (2)