Melissa McCarthy Is Making Culottes Happen

If you were a little unsure how to feel about the culotte trend (I feel ya) — you thought it was too adventurous, or maybe you thought it would die out soon — I can assure you that culottes are definitely still happening. People reported that Melissa McCarthy wore printed culottes while posing for a recent Instagram post, so they are totally still a thing and it's time to just embrace them if you haven't already. It's cool, you can do this.

Jumping on board the whole culotte bandwagon might have felt like a bit too much to handle, but they are happening and you can't ignore them any longer. Especially after you see the pair Melissa McCarthy just wore. The actor posted a picture promoting her new movie, Ghostbusters, and wore the most perfect spring/summer outfit. Seriously — she's nailing silhouettes, prints, and colors all in one, and she looks fab.

McCarthy wore a white blouse with an orange blazer and some strappy, boho sandals, but the best part of her outfit is hands down her printed culottes. The knee-length, wide-legged pants were a splatter print, with pops of orange, pink, and yellow. So it's basically, like, the most springful an outfit could look.

You're surprised by how much you love them, right? If you want to totally win spring, here are seven printed culottes to shop inspired by Melissa McCarthy's.

1. Pink

Printed Culottes, $61.47,

Florals? Pink? Seems like spring to me.

2. Melissa's Exact Pair

Lava Print Pant, $89, m

And they won't even break your bank.

3. Polka Dot

Plus Size Culotte, $59.95,

Black and white culottes can easily be transitioned from summer to fall.

4. Floral

Culottes, $29.12,

You have to wear something floral in the spring.

5. Geo

ASOS Culottes, $22.65,

These will become your go-to work pants this season.

6. Stripes

ASOS Curve Culottes, $24.26,

Stripes never go out of style.

7. Silk

Oliva Palermo, $58.80,

These culottes are elegant and super feminine if you need something a little dressier.

How can you resist this trend any longer?!

Images: ASOS; Lane Bryant; Nordstrom; Seven7