Selena Gomez's Revival Tour Items Are Super Trendy

Normally concert tees are only cool if you were actually at the performance, but Selena Gomez's Revival tour merchandise might as well be a full-on fashion line. With an online store packed with clothing and accessories already, she's keeps rolling out more new designs too. Even if you're not a lucky Gomez concert ticket holder, you'll still want to get your hands on some of her trendy clothing items ASAP.

As the May 6 tour kick off date gets closer and closer, Gomez is surprising her fans with more tour apparel. This isn't your average face-printed tee either — she's got everything from minimalistic sweatshirts to Tommy Hilfiger-esque sports bras and boy shorts. No matter what your style is, Gomez has something that you'll be interested in. Heck, she even created a sheet of temporary tattoos that mimic her permanent ones for her fans to shop.

While her tattoos, sports bra and short set, and a few of the tees she teased aren't available to buy yet, there's still a ton of other merch to browse while you wait. Ranging from $25 to $40, the online apparel costs way less than a night at a concert would. If just her clothes are this good, then I can't wait to see what she has in store for her fans on the stage.

When I say there's something for every Gomez fan, I mean it. There's even something for all of you style risk-takers out there. Don't believe me? See for yourself.

1. Crewnecks

Same Old Love Crewneck, $40,

If you're a fan of her songs, you can get the lyrics printed right on your sweatshirt.

2. Temporary Tats & Patches

This is probably the coolest thing in her collection so far. Selena Gomez replicated all seven on her tattoos in temporary versions for her fans to wear too. It looks like there are iron-on patches for the tour too.

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3. Minimalist Tank

Revival Tank Top, $24,

For those of you that who want something a little more simple, Gomez has got your covered.

4. Gomez Face Tee

This tee might not be for everyone, but it is pretty fabulous.

5. Gomez Hat

Good For You Snapback, $25,

For those who want a subtle way to show their support.

6. Sporta Bra & Shorts

It honestly doesn't get much trendier than this.

7. Kid Clothing

Even the kids have something to wear to the show.

If Gomez doesn't start a career as a clothing designer after this, I'll be seriously disappointed.

Images: Revival Tour Shop (3)