What Are Kylie Jenner & Alexander Wang Working On Together? The Project Is Top Secret


This family has pretty much mastered the art of marketing themselves via social media, which of course includes posting cryptic photos teasing whatever project they've got coming up. Kris Jenner posted about a secret collaboration involving her youngest daughter, and it’s got me dying to know the answer to this one question. What is Kylie Jenner working on with Alexander Wang? Come on, tell us already!

Wang has worked with the family before. I mean, he had Kim K and Kanye West appear in his “Do Something” campaign, so it’s not surprising that he’d call upon the youngest Jenner for what he’s got coming next. He’s already formed a #WangSquad full of gorgeous youngsters, and Jenner would fit right in with that crowd. Shortly after her mom posted about being on this secret set, Jenner took to Snapchat to post about “something exciting” that she was shooting.

What exactly could they have up their sleeves? We’ll know when they’re good and ready for us to. But, she could very well be the next brand ambassador for the brand, like she is for Puma. She could just be modeling his next collection or even inspiring his upcoming pieces. The possibilities are endless. All I know for sure is, with A. Wang and King K in the mix — this is bound to be amazing.

I can't wait to know what they're up to.

Whatever it is, I can already tell I'm going to be obsessed with it.

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Jenner and Tyga were among some of the FROWers at Wang's NYFW show, so maybe they already had some type of collaboration in the works.

Jenner would totally slay in an A. Wang campaign.

For all we know, she already did. Doesn't that jacket look familiar?

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Oh, Kylie, you clever woman. I'll just be here keeping tabs on your Instagram until you're ready to spill on all of the details.


Yep. Pretty much.

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