Break out the Skinnygirl margarita mix Bethenny fans, because you might need a disgustingly sweet cocktail to down this news with. According to Deadline, Bethenny Frankel's talk show Bethenny has been cancelled. The show, which launched nationwide after a test in the summer of 2012, featured former Real Housewives of New York star Bethenny Frankel as she talked, cooked, and shared with guests.

According to a producer at Telepictures Productions, the company wanted to keep the show around, but ultimately a little thing called "ratings" got in the way. That's not surprising, considering the frenetic energy that Bethenny brought to the stage was far more exhausting to watch as a host than it was when she was a Housewife.

Bethenny was always one of my favorite housewives — she was the perfect amount of crazy and keeping-it-real. Plus, she worked her ass off to build her brand, which, talk show cancellation aside, seems to be doing pretty well. But just because she's a savvy businesswoman and an even better reality star doesn't mean she's going to make a smooth transition over to hosting. It's not that Bethenny is awkward or uncomfortable on camera — she has a natural charisma cultivated from years on Bravo. The major difference between this venture and her former reality shows is that she has to learn NOT to talk about herself.

A great host creates a good dialogue with their guests without ever talking too much about me, myself, and I. A great reality star must be open and constantly talking about themselves; the two professions have very different skill sets.

Let's chock up the failure of Bethenny to the simple fact that we shouldn't be putting our reality stars behind the host mic. Need we remind everyone of a little TV show called Kris? (No. Let's not even go back there.)

Image: Getty Images