11 Tattoo Ideas You Will Love Forever

Tattoos are kind of a divisive subject. Most people either love them or hate them — and a few of us (myself included) have a secret desire to get one, but just want to be sure the tattoo will stand the test of time.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, tattoo removals are on the rise in the U.S. — and women accounted for 72.7 percent of the 45,224 tattoo removals in 2013. “As more people continue to get tattoos, the more people are having tattoos removed," said Dr. Roy G. Geronemus, director of the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York in a piece for Medical Daily.

OK, we get it. Not everyone is always happy with their tattoo choice in the long run. So if you utterly and totally love tattoos and really, truly want one, the question then becomes figuring out how to choose one you won't get sick of or grow out of. And this can be harder than it sounds, especially since none of us can predict how our experiences will shape or alter our tastes over time.

However, if you're in the market for some body ink, there are definitely some classic designs and concepts that never get old. Here are 11 super solid choices.

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1. A Significant Doodle

A doodle might not seem like a big deal, but it is if it was made by someone important to you, like a sibling, parent, or child. Getting one of your favorites etched on your skin is a way of keeping the person with you always.

2. Words In A Loved Ones Handwriting

One of my best friends had her mom write the word "LOVE" on a piece of paper, and then had it traced onto her skin and made into a tattoo. So now it's like she has a handwritten note from her mom with her wherever she goes — how sweet is that?

3. A Line From A Favorite Book

Unlike bands, favorite books usually stick for a lifetime. If you've found that a particular line has stuck with you for years, or that it's always served as a source of empowerment or inspiration, you probably won't ever regret having it on you permanently.

4. A Flower

Here's the thing about flowers: they're pretty. They've always been pretty and they'll always be pretty. So if you love a particular floral design or inspiration, odds are you're not going to look back in a few years and think it looks horribly dated.

5. A Rose

OK, I know, a rose is technically a flower, but it's so ubiquitous that it deserves it's own special category. The coolest thing about them is that you can go totally vintage and classic, or do a completely modern twist (like the minimalist black rose design in the featured image), and it will still look awesome.

6. A Favorite Literary Character

If you still love the white rabbit, or get all warm and fuzzy when you remember Madeline, then odds are you never won't feel that way. If you love things with a strong nostalgia element, then this could be for you.

7. A Retro Pinup

Retro pinups attract the eye as much today as they did 60 years ago. You'll likely always turn heads and get compliments with one of these classic designs.

8. Something That Reminds You Of Home

Sometimes there are little intangibles that will always remind you of home — maybe it's cherry blossoms (like in the above awesome ankle tattoo), or maybe it's a phrase, or even a particular rocking chair. Keeping it with you always will never get old.

9. Someone Who Inspires You

If someone's work or ideas have always spoken to you, or served as a special source of inspiration in your life, then you could consider getting a tattoo of them. What better way to help you remember their message than seeing them every day?

10. A Classic Character

A classic character is just that — classic. If you're a big Betty Boop or Mickey Mouse fan, then let your fandom flag fly. Plus the characters have already stood the test of time, so you know they won't go out of fashion.

11. A Constellation

A constellation — especially one of significance to you and your birth year or the birth year of a loved one — is a unique way to keep a tattoo super personal. Plus, they just look cool!

A tattoo should never equal a regret. Just be sure you choose your concept and design carefully and that it's something meaningful to you and your experiences — because that's not something you'll ever get sick of.

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