Netflix's Next Docu-Series Is About Hostage Situations & It Already Sounds Gripping

Shows like Homeland and Scandal depict hostage situations as regularly as they do inappropriate workplace romances, but the latest TV series to tackle the tension-making trope won't be scripted fare. Following the success of the buzzed about docu-series Making A Murderer, Netflix is reportedly gearing up to release yet another docu-series about those scary situations. According to Deadline, Netflix has commissioned a brand-new docu-series about hostage situations, and it sounds as gripping as it does anxiety-building. If your nerves can take it, this might just be the show to add to your queue.

According to Deadline, Netflix has tapped Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn and Emmy Award-winning Jonathan Chinn to create this new project for the streaming service. Unlike Making A Murderer, which examined a singular case over the course of one 10-episode season, the new series, titled Captive, will tell eight separate hostage stories across its eight-episode season. As Deadline reports, the series will reveal the many complexities that go into these life or death situations, as well as show the perspectives of everyone involved in the hostage case, from the negotiators and government officials to the kidnappers themselves. The series will give a yet-unseen look at situations that may have made headlines, but have yet to be examined in this particular way.

With the expansion of Netflix's original programming, it makes perfect sense for the streaming service to want to jump into new kinds of programming. This hostage series not only has an impressive, award-winning team behind it, but it also has a subject matter that clearly holds a fascination with the public. If hostage situations make it into our scripted content, the real life version should surely tantalize the Netflix audience and keep them tuning in until they hit episode eight.

Here's hoping that Netflix continues to branch out into new, innovative programming — because we're always itching for the next big series to watch.