Where To Buy KidRunner From 'Shark Tank'

I've noticed that most of the time when I see a kid in a jogging stroller, the parent is ambling with a latte in hand. Rarely do I see someone actually jogging with their jogging stroller. It could just be that I live in a really populated city with streets/sidewalks that aren't conducive to pushing a bulky stroller at high speeds. Or it could be that some parents don't use jogging strollers for their intended purpose. However, A new product coming to Shark Tank , kidRunner, is a jogging stroller aimed directly at serious runners.

What separates kidRunners from other jogging strollers is that you don't push it — you attach it to your body with a harness and pull it behind you, so you don't lose your running form. According to a press release on the company's website, it's 35 percent lighter than other jogging strollers, designed to prevent injury that may be caused by other joggers, and handles well on the sidewalk, street, dirt trails — even the beach. In the future, they also plan on offering bike and ski options.

So far, it's gotten some pretty good reviews. Tech Insider called it "a massive leap forward for parents who like to run." (Pretty impressive!) "KidRunner leaves your arm free and your knees in good shape because you turn from the hips," the review wrote. "In addition, you pull the weight from the bottom half of your body, which is the strongest part."

So, can you buy it? According to their website, you'll be able to order a kidRunner starting Friday, the same day as the company's Shark Tank appearance. Prices aren't listed on the website, but Running Competitor says you'd have to shell out some serious cash. "KidRunner is expected to sell for $1,200, which could be a deal-breaker for some parents," the website reported. "Comparatively, a single stroller from industry leaders like BOB can go for anywhere from $400 to $700."

Maybe that's where Shark Tank could come in. They might be able to set up a deal that allows the company to order more strollers and therefore lower the manufacturing costs. But, even if they did, I don't see this becoming a super-affordable stroller anytime soon. So, if you're a jogger with money to burn, you can order a kidRunner on Friday if you're wowed by the company's presentation. The rest of us will trail behind you with our bulky strollers and lattes.

Image: Michael Desmond/ABC