11 Reasons To Follow Karlie Kloss On Instagram, Because She's Influential In So Many Ways

You'd be one of nearly 5 million, but I can promise you that it'll be worth it if you decided to join this "klub." Karlie Kloss' Instagram feed boasts 4.5 million followers. While I normally encourage people (as well as myself) to not follow the pack, social media is usually the worthwhile exception and different sort of "follow." Kloss, who was just named to TIME's 100 Most Influential list for 2016, is incredibly active on social media, sharing lots of beautiful, goofy, silly, fun, and nerdy photos on her IG feed. It's a mix of fabulous fashion shots, which makes sense, since that's her main job and how most of her adoring public knows her. But she is also learning how to make computers and how to code, which is one of the main reasons that she made the TIME 100 list, and she offers a visual into that world. There are plenty of snaps of her famous besties.

Those are just a few of the reasons you should be following Karlie Kloss on Instagram.

Kloss' IG allows her fans and followers to get a snapshot of her life. She shares no makeup shots, family photos, both current and throwback, and makes you feel like you are part of her crew.

Here are 11 reasons to follow Karlie Kloss on Instagram.

1. The Inspo Shots

It's not all selfies! A shot like this is such inspo and motivation.

2. Because Coding

Building computers and learning code is certainly hard work and exercises the brain. She shares plenty of snaps for her academic exploits.

3. Her Inner Nerd

Kloss' inner nerd is often on full display... like so!

4. Because Fashion!

Because of course we care about her madcap, mermaid, model life and we like to get a behind-the-scenes look, such as this.

We get to experience what it's like to be a model!

5. Sweet Stuff

The model's love of baking is well-documented. She often shares shots of her baking exploits on her Insta.

So don't page through her feed if you are hungry.

6. No Makeup, No Problem

Not only do we get no makeup selfies but we also get IRL photos of her hanging with non-mega- famous pals...

7. Mega-Famous Pals

... and photos of her hanging with mega-famous pals. Oh, hey, Gigi!

8. The Fam

She posts throwback and vintage pics of her family. She doesn't hold anything back.

9. Food Porn

Besides the baking stuff, you will get your share of food porn on Kloss' IG. She often blasts pics of her food and while drinking tea. It's like you are hanging out with her!

10. General Goofiness

Models like to have fun, too!

11. More Brain Food

So, so awesome. We know what she's reading, too!

By now you should be convinced to throw her a follow. There's so much fun stuff happening on her IG.

Images: Karlie Kloss/Instagram (13)