What's In Jaclyn Hill's New Makeup Line? Here's What You Can Probably Expect

If you're a fan of her YouTube makeup tutorials, then you'll probably be super stoked when you hear that Jaclyn Hill is launching a makeup line. About time, right? The first thing that's probably coming to your mind is what is going to be in Jaclyn Hill's new makeup line? Though the launch is still a little far out, I've got some guesses on exactly what products you can expect.

Makeup artist Jaclyn Hill finally confirmed on her Twitter on Wednesday that she's currently working on a makeup line (one that's been two years in the making!), and it's set for an early 2017 launch. That's still quite a ways off, but it's never too early to start thinking about exactly what we're going to get from this no-doubt amazing line.

Hill herself hasn't spilled many details, other than confirming the line, but I think it's safe to venture a few guesses. I'm thinking we're definitely going to get a highlighter, given the success of her Champagne Pop highlighter collaboration with Becca Cosmetics, and lipstick, because Hill herself told Refinery29 that her own collection would start with lipsticks. But I think we can count on a line with more than two SKUs, right? Eyeshadows are likely (in sparkly and bright colors, of course), and mascara is probably a given. How else are you going to create that amaze smoky eye she loves so much?

We need products that can help us create eyes like that.

And you know she loves her sparkle and bright colors, so that's totally going to happen. I feel it.

She's already said lipstick is in, but I can't wait to see what colors she creates.

Here's hoping we get more details ASAP!