This Presidential Candidate On The 2016 'Time' 100 List Is Celebrating Her 10th Win

President Barack Obama holds the Time "100 Most Influential People" record — he's made the renowned list 11 times. However, in a close second place is the woman who very well might be president of the United States, too. Hillary Clinton has made the Time 100 list a whopping 10 times. By winning a 2016 listing — her third consecutive one — Clinton edged out Oprah Winfrey from their shared standing behind President Obama — the two were previously tied, with nine Time 100 listings each.

This year, Amy Klobuchar wrote the Time "100 Most Influential People" profile of Clinton. Klobuchar is a Democratic senator from Minnesota, and she wrote about Clinton's work helping Haitian children orphaned by the 2010 earthquake. Klobchar described how when families in Minnesota asked her to help them bring their adopted children home from Haiti, "I called the only person I knew would help: then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. She didn’t pawn it off or think it too small... She got those babies home." Klobuchar went on to describe Clinton as "The friend who takes the call, the public servant who listens and acts, the mom who makes sure it gets done right." Now that's an endorsement! (Klobuchar has officially endorsed Clinton, as well.)

Clinton's 2015 Time profile also did not focus on her career as an American politician, but rather on her worldwide advocacy for the rights of women and girls. Fittingly, Malala Yousafzai wrote the Time profile of Clinton. Yousafzai is a young Pakistani woman who advocates for women's access to education, and she too was included in the 2015 Time 100. Yousafzai wrote:

Hillary Clinton is a symbol of strength for women across the world. It was she who famously said, "Women’s rights are human rights." She not only spoke those words, but also dedicated her life to empowering women around the world through politics and philanthropy.

Yousafzai finished her profile of Clinton by saying, "A world with more women leaders will be a better world, and Hillary Clinton is helping make that possible." Clinton certainly is a woman leader advocating for other women leaders.

Clinton's many appearances on the list represent just how longstanding the presidential candidate's worldwide influence has been. Clinton even made the first yearly Time 100 list, published in 2004. However, in 2004, Clinton was not listed individually, but was included with her husband, former President Bill Clinton. Well, over the last 12 years, Hillary Clinton has made the Time 100 now 10 times, proving her influence time and time again, and far overshadowing her husband's four wins. I wouldn't be surprised to see Clinton on the list next year, too.