This girl is constantly changing up her ‘do. I mean, first it was peach, then rainbow colored and now this? She knows just how to keep us on our toes. She just posted a photo of her with a bob cut and bangs, but is Kylie Jenner’s short hair real? Knowing how often she switches up her look, I’d say, likely, no. But, it sure does look incredible.

The styling seems to be the result of an editorial spread with Marie Claire. Considering that right after the shoot Jenner was back to her long dark locks, I’d say this was just another wig, as she’s so prone to wearing. But man oh man does she look good with this blunt bob cut or what? If she’s thinking of trying a look like this out, you know, for real, I’d be totally OK with it.

She couldn’t look better with her natural-looking makeup and wet hair in the photos. The minimal product shows off her features, plus the haircut perfectly frames her face for one heck of a show-stopping look. Being that Jenner was just showcased as one of 2016's “Fresh Faces” in the magazine, I’d say this kind of look couldn’t be more fitting. And it may not be real this time around, but a cut like this would certain serve Jenner well. So, Kylie, I’ll have my people tell your people, but just in case you’re reading, you should really give this ‘do a go!

Good call with this styling Marie Claire, good call.

Here she is on the magazine's cover with long hair and no bangs.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And again, back to the natural Kylie for the Marie Claire magazine launch party.

Shorter hair is definitely nothing new to her.

Even a lob cut is something she's done before.

But, we've never seen her with this type of cut with bangs on top of it. And TBH, I like what I see because when it comes to hair, she does no wrong.