Prince's 2007 Super Bowl Halftime Show Is Being Hailed As His Best Performance Ever

The music industry has suffered a tremendous loss. According to publicist Yvette Noel-Schure, "When Doves Cry" singer Prince has died, and the world is now in mourning over the 57-year-old music icon's death. Though TMZ reported on April 15 that Prince was hospitalized following a battle with the flu, the singer eventually returned to his home at the Paisley Park Estate in Minnesota. According to CNN, Noel-Schure stated at the time that Prince was "fine and at home" following the incident. However, it now seems that the singer's health took a turn for the worse — and now fans are left to mourn the much-beloved musical icon. The singer certainly leaves behind an impressive legacy, and many fans are taking to social media to share one particular show from Prince's prolific music career: Prince's 2007 Super Bowl halftime show.

Prince's iconic performance at Super Bowl XLI was so impressive that, in 2013, Rolling Stone ranked it number three on the magazine's list of the top 10 Super Bowl halftime shows of all time. The show included some of Prince's most notable hits like "Let's Go Crazy" and "Purple Rain" (appropriate, considering it started raining for real during the show) as well as a surprising, applause-worthy performance of the Foo Fighter's "Best Of You." The performance cleared the bar, even by Prince's standards, and also gave millions of viewers a spectacle fitting for the biggest night in sports. It's no wonder that, nine years later, fans are sharing videos from the performance on Twitter in honor of Prince:

It's a tragedy that the world lost Prince far too early, but the icon certainly has left a lot of amazing moments — both musical and otherwise — for the world to remember him by. Prince is one legend that the world won't forget, and few others will be able to live up to.