Prince Tributes In Minnesota Show Just How Much The Artist Was Loved — PHOTOS

On Thursday afternoon, the news that musician Prince had died at age 57 hit our timelines. It seemed that everyone joined the music world in mourning the untimely loss of one of pop's biggest stars, but Prince's home state of Minnesota was particularly affected. Unlike many stars who move to the coasts once fame hits, Prince remained true to his roots, keeping Minneapolis as his home base for the majority of his career. Back in 2010, Prince even wrote a tribute to the Minnesota Vikings titled "Purple and Gold."

And clearly, even the sports teams in Minnesota that didn't get their own songs were particular fans of the musicians, as the quickest IRL tributes seemed to hit stadiums first on April 21. Vigils and tributes popped up all over the city, especially in locations where the movie Purple Rain was shot. After the news of his death broke, Minnesota natives shared photos and thoughts on Twitter memorializing who was arguably the state's most famous celebrity. Icons changed to purple to commemorate the artist's favorite color. It seemed that every photo shared of the state on Wednesday contained a violet theme. Even the weather was mourning the passing of a local (and national) superstar: It was raining all day in Minneapolis, according to multiple reports on Twitter.

Below, some of the most touching tributes to Prince out of Minnesota show just how much the artists was truly loved in his home state.

1. The Minnesota Twins

He may not have composed a song for the baseball team, but they still honored Prince with purple lights.

2. The Minnesota Wild

And the state's NHL team changed their logo to a Prince-approved shade of purple.

3. Public Radio

Minnesota Public Radio switched to an all-Prince playlist on April 21.

4. On First Avenue

Prince's most famous work of film was shot in Minnesota, and fans gathered there to celebrate his life.

5. In Paisley Park

Fans gathered at the home where Prince was living at the time of his death.