6 Easy Passover Recipes For Kitchen Novices

Passover kicks off on April 22 at sundown, and for you shiksas out there, Passover is the Jewish commemoration of the Jews' liberation from slavery in Egypt. It's one of the more cheerful Jewish holidays, and it is loosely explained to the uninitiated as "Jewish Thanksgiving." Putting together a legitimate Passover feast can be a daunting task with all the ingredient restrictions, but I've got you covered with some easy Passover recipes that will turn your seder into a total chagigah.

Do I sound like a total pro? My boyfriend is Jewish, so I played a little ask-a-Jew in my research for this piece, and, unfortunately, latkes are not actually a Passover thing, so that's out. But leave it to the Chosen People to embrace the potato like the reigning king of all root vegetables that it is. It makes sense too, since leavening agents are prohibited, the potato takes the place of the starchy gluten-filled foods of other cuisines.

So, leave that terrifying jar of Gefilte Fish right where it is (in the back of your pantry from years ago when you bought it). I'm sure it will be an awesome Halloween decoration one day (literally... the horror). Here are some delicious, easy Passover recipes to whip up for any potluck seders, casually Jew-ish observances, or full-blown feasts you may be attending.

1. Matzah Ball Soup

Apparently there is a debate in matzah ball-universe about whether the balls should sink or float in the soup, and What Jew Wanna Eat will teach you how to make the absolute best matzah ball soup that will put all debate to rest. Get ready to win the seder with these unleavened balls of goodness.

2. Honey Horseradish Chicken

For you horseradish lovers out there, this recipe from What Jew Wanna Eat seems like a really good one. Main dishes are usually pretty heavy on the beef brisket, so if you or someone else is trying to steer clear of red meat, this chicken is a great alternative.

3. Brisket

Speaking of brisket, What Jew Wanna Eat strikes again with this super easy set it and forget it brisket recipe. Just make sure your ketchup is kosher if you're eating with people who will mind.

4. Vegetable Kugel With Caramelized Leeks

Behold! Potatoes! This easy potato dish made with eggs, caramelized leeks, and loads of other vegetables seems like it might take a while to prepare — that is, until you realize that the food processor will save you an hour of chopping and shredding. Find out how to whip up this savory side dish at What Jew Wanna Eat.

5. Seven Minute Apple Doughnuts

I have heard about similar delicious apple desserts, and I can't wait to get my hands on one this weekend. Find out how to make these dreams a reality in less than 10 minutes at Cleo Coyle.

6. Easy No-Bake Chocolate Matzo Cake

This ridiculously easy no-bake dessert seems like it would be almost like a baklava or those fluffy wafter stick cookies from your childhood. This recipe is described as perfect for the kids to help with, so if you're a novice in the kitchen and you're going to a potluck seder, this is a great place to start. Tori Avey has you covered on the almost too easy instructions.

Images: What Jew Wanna Eat (4); Cleo Coyle; Tori Avey