What Does Reformation's New Rewards Program Include? Get Ready To Be A Frequent Shopper

Whenever I feel like buying something beautiful, there's one place I always head to: Reformation. Not only do they create gorgeous pieces, but they're pretty damn good to the environment, too. Reformation's new rewards program, which is part of their Earth Day initiative, will come from each individual shopper's RefScale, aka, a scale that shows people the environmental impact of each item in Reformation's inventory.

Let's break it down together. Reformation, a (super cool) eco-friendly brand, focuses on sustainability, meaning that all of their pieces are produced "by responsible manufacturing partners...using sustainable methods and materials," according to their website.

And last year, on Earth Day, they introduced the RefScale, as I mentioned above, which shows how sustainable a piece from the store is. Now, the big change is that each shopper will be able to see their own RefScale on their account page, where you can look at how you're impacting the environment (in a good way) with each and every purchase.

I'm sorry, but this is freaking awesome.

Not only do you see the impact you've made, but you can compare the piece you've bought that Reformation made with a product that's made using conventional methods. So instead of just believing what you're fed, you can actually see what your smart shopping is actually doing. That I can get behind, especially with the fall of fast fashion.

With your personal RefScale, you'll be able to get some perks of your own. The company is planning to roll this out later this year, according to Racked. So if you're a loyal shopper here (like me), make sure to get your RefScale set up. As their press release states, "you’ll be handsomely rewarded for all the good you do for the environment." I love the sound of that.

While we wait for those perks to come to life, let's take a look at some of their best pieces, shall we?

1. This Floral Jumpsuit

Reformation Miri Jumpsuit, $248, thereformation.com

The perfect summer look.

2. The Perfect LBD

Reformation Elie Dress, $218, thereformation.com

Equal parts sexy and elegant.

3. For The Love Of Linen

Reformation Essie Dress, $198, thereformation.com

Because red is always a good idea.

4. This Off The Shoulder Beauty

Reformation Paige Dress, $218, thereformation.com

To show off your gorgeous shoulders.

5. The Perfect Button Up

Reformation Fuck Cotton Top, $128, thereformation.com

I love how this is styled with super cute denim shorts.

6. This Minimal Bodysuit

Reformation Gia Bodysuit, $78, thereformation.com

Into this low cut.

7. This Gorgeous Maxi

Reformation Vienna Skirt, $138, thereformation.com

This is the most beautiful color.

8. The Perfect Spring Jacket

Reformation Kensington Jacket, $198, thereformation.com

And breezy enough for a spring night.

9. This Super Sexy Dress

Reformation Winslow Dress, $268, thereformation.com

This dangerously high slit is everything.

10. A Linen Jumpsuit

Reformation Lelani Jumpsuit, $198, thereformation.com

Have I mentioned I love linen?

11. This Frilly Cutie

Reformation Marguerite Top, $78, thereformation.com

You'll feel like you're in a perpetual vacation in this one.

As if I didn't love Reformation enough — They had to go and do this. All jokes aside, this is such a cool initiative that other brands should be following. After all, don't you want to know that you're making a difference, all while picking up a super cute piece of clothing? If you needed another reason to shop this year, this is it.