Jake Is Getting Married On 'Scandal' & The Reason Will Blow Your Mind

With everything that's been happening on Scandal this season, I think it's safe to expect that things will only get crazier from here on out, and something is definitely up with Jake and whatever arrangement he has with Rowan. He's living in his house, following his rules... and now, he's marrying Vanessa. They've been engaged for awhile now, but their relationship is about to shift into a much higher speed. Because Jake and Vanessa are getting married immediately on Scandal , and the reason why is pretty shocking.

But first, we have to get into a little background. Remember how Olivia killed Andrew on last week's episode to prevent him from exposing Fitz's secrets? She's been staying at Rowan's house, seemingly unable to cope with the fact that she killed someone, but if you know Olivia, you know she doesn't go down without a fight. She seems catatonic, but she's totally fine — just a good actress. When she hears Jake's wedding is being moved up, she sends Quinn and Huck to find out why. And although they don't solve the mystery, it's fine. Jake tells her what's going on herself, and... it's exactly the kind of thing I imagined Rowan would have up his sleeve all this time.

Here's the deal: Rowan is basically grooming Jake to be Edison's vice president on his ticket. With Vanessa by his side as his wife — especially in the high profile wedding that Rowan is planning, Vogue spread included — he becomes that much more likable. And Rowan has a point, as he always do. Edison and Jake would be unstoppable. The head of the NSA and a lawyer, both of whom are beautiful people? They can't lose.

Rowan insists that this is all about Jake "accepting his own greatness," but I have a feeling there's even more depth to Rowan's plan. Either way, this presidential race is getting more and more interesting to watch.

Image: Adam Taylor/ABC