Hilary's Happy With Her #ModernFamily

Hanging out with the father of your child, particularly while with your child, isn’t weird and it doesn’t mean anything. Most people don’t have to deal with others giving them a hard time for something as simple as this, but that's much different if you're a celebrity. Hilary Duff seems to know this. In January, Duff announced she was splitting from her husband Mike Comrie with whom she has a nearly two year old son, Luca. Duff made it clear that the split was amicable and has continued to spend time with Comrie. Earlier today, Hilary Duff posted a picture of her family on Instagram with the caption, "#modernfamily #vacation #juicypear." The modern family hashtag might seem a little heavy handed at first — we get it, you're not together anymore — but Duff probably found it to be a necessary way to prevent people starting rumors that she and Comrie are back together or giving her crap that she's hanging out with her ex.

It sucks that this is the way it is because two parents should want to get along when they have a child together. Even with Duff's hashtag, her Instagram is full of comments of people saying, "Get back together!" That's not what matters here. If they're happier not as a couple and still able to vacation as a family, that's awesome!

The more normal thing in the media, whether it's on a TV show or in the tabloids, is to hear about exes fighting and unable to be around their children at the same time. Of course, it wasn't necessary for Duff to post the photo in the first place — Instagram photos are never necessary — but it is nice to see her putting it out there, for a very public audience, that vacationing with your ex is a perfectly fine thing to do. It's not going to be for everyone, but that's the point, you have to do what works for you. And for Hilary Duff, a co-parenting vacation obviously makes her happy. Luca, who is really enjoying that #juicypear, looks like he agrees.

Image: Getty Images; Hilary Duff/ Instagram