9 Thoughtful Things To Do In The Bedroom

When it comes to time in the sheets with your boo, things can easily start to feel routine, as if you're going through the motions. Luckily, there are things you can do in the bedroom that show your partner you care. These things will help you heat things up in a thoughtful way and give you the opportunity to show your S.O. how much you appreciate them.

But don't worry, these intimacy-building bedroom ideas don't have to involve sprinkling rose petals on the bed and popping champagne (unless you want to go all out, then who am I to say no to that?). They are simple gestures that will make you and your partner feel closer and way more bonded. If you're bored with your usual foreplay, give your partner something they'll remember with special sensations from a soft feather tickler. You can use it to run along your S.O's body while they relax in a sexy, no-peek blindfold that forces them to have zero distractions. Or, If you're looking for a romantic way to show your partner you appreciate them, you can give them a kissable massage with an edible oil that tastes like their favorite dessert. Ahead, nine exciting ways to show your partner you care inside the bedroom.

Learn Tantric Massage From This Go-To Couples' Guide

Tantric Massage For Couples, $13, Amazon

This tantric massage book, written by Cindy Steele, helps you to increase sexual pleasure with more intimacy between you and your S.O., and it even gives you the lowdown on how to make your orgasms last longer. One user calls it a "must read for couples" and says that this book can really enhance your relationship. Whether you read this book solo before giving a sensual massage or you learn the tips and tricks together — your partner will appreciate the effort you took in creating a deeper, more intimate bond between the two of you.

Then Perfect the Massage With Sensual, Edible Oil

System Jo Dona Kissable Massage Oil, Vanilla Buttercream , $7, Amazon

One way to show your partner how much you care is by ditching your typical dessert and offering to give them a delicious (literally) massage instead. This kissable oil is completely edible and tastes like a yummy vanilla buttercream cupcake. As an added bonus, it's also pheromone infused, so you'll instantly be feeling in the mood. Users love how this product feels silky smooth and never sticky, and it's gentle on sensitive skin.

Get Simultaneous Pleasure From a Vibrating Ring

Jimmyjane Iconic Ring Classic V ibrator, $35, Amaz on

Whether you or your partner tried sex toys in the past — or you've never used one at all — test out one that you and a male partner can enjoy together. The San Francisco Chronicle sex columnist Violet Blue told Your Tango that this toy is "especially excellent for woman-on-top positions. JimmyJane has the best one on the market." This vibrating ring toy will stimulate both of you at the same time, and its no-nonsense design makes it easy for beginners to understand and use, right off the bat. Jump between two intense settings for you and your partner (either a pressure activated stimulation or a constant vibration), too.

Or A Dual-Stimulation Massager For A Toy You'll Both Love

PicoBong MAHANA 2 Dual Stimulation Vibrating Massager , $74, Amazon

Using a sex toy together in the bedroom can make things much more intimate, and the pleasure much more intense for both of you. Each of the two motors in this waterproof, durable toy have 12 different vibration settings that you can use in sync or separately from each other — making for a lot of different combinations you can try with your partner. One user raved about this product's smooth, medical-grade silicone material, which feels soft and natural on the skin.

Turn Their Fantasy Into Reality With Role Play They'll Remember

The Fantasy Sex Deck: 50 Erotic Role-Plays for Adventurous Couples , $13, Amazon

If there's a certain fantasy situation that you know your partner has always talked about, take the extra step to surprise them with a fun night of role play. If you're simply looking to spice things up a bit (and have no idea where to start for playing out situations with your S.O.), have an erotic card deck on hand that provides sexy role playing inspiration. You'll both love acting out a hot scenario, and your partner will appreciate the thought you put in when it comes to incorporating something new and fun into your usual foreplay. Bonus: Each idea comes with a mind-blowing sex tip to add an extra spark.

Create Natural Movements With A Touchable Toy

Jimmyjane Hello Touch X , $155, Amazon

This vibrating sex toy is perfect for couples who want to create more intimacy in the sheets because it attaches to fingers to create a natural-feeling touch. Plus, it's waterproof for having fun in the shower, or it simply makes for an easy wash after use. This intimate and sensual toy has ten different power levels and six different pulsation modes to choose from, so you can create a different experience every time you use it. Bonus: This toy is USB rechargeable and can last up to 3 hours on one charge.

And Enhance The Pleasure For Your Partner With A No-Peek Blindfold

Wandafull Sexy Type Eye Mask Cover Shade Blindfold , $11, Amazon

This sexy black blindfold is the perfect way to take your slow-it-down feather foreplay up a notch. By giving your partner this blindfold, it ensures that they have no distractions — and that they can't cheat, sneaking a peek at what you're doing (they'll definitely thank you later for it). One user gave this eye mask five stars for being a great blindfold at such an affordable price.

Provide Clitoral Stimulation For Both Partners

Whisper Quiet Bullets Vibrator For Couples, $23, Amazon

This awesome dual bullet vibrator is a seriously stimulating addition to any bedroom — especially when it comes to getting powerful vibrations for both partners. The travel-friendly gadget has ten different settings, and its easy-to-clean plastic material makes the pulses feel even more intense. One reviewer said the bullets are so quiet, too, that she can't hear a thing if she leaves it on in the next room.

Take Your Time During Foreplay With A Soft Feather Tickler

YEAS Sm Feather Tickler Pink, $7, Amazon

Have your partner relax, while you run a soft but stimulating feather tickler across their most sensitive spots. Their senses will be instantly heightened during foreplay, and they'll be overwhelmed with all of the feels in no time — making them want to rush through to the main event. Users gave this pink tickler five stars across the board, saying they "love it!"

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