9 Beauty Professionals That You Should Always Tip

by Emily McClure

After your hair has been freshly blown out, and your skin has been scrubbed and polished, it's time to tip your beauty professional. Like in any service industry, it's always good to remember that these stylists and technicians have provided you with a service, and therefore, a tip is generally considered good form.

If you don't know whom to tip, then simply ask your stylist or technician at the time of payment. However, a general rule of salon etiquette is to offer a tip to anyone who has provided you a service. Essentially, if anyone washed, dried, buffed, or styled you, then that individual deserves a tip. However, you should be aware that the tip amount does vary from service to service. For instance, you don't have to tip your shampoo attendant the same amount as you would type your normal stylist as the levels of detailed service is different.

As always, if you're unsure, stick with the standard tip amount of 20 percent for larger services. For the smaller stuff, go with your gut. A few dollars here or there is always appreciated. Wondering which services you should be tipping for? Here are nine beauty professionals that you should always tip.

1. Esthetician


When it comes to splurging on a facial or a peel, be sure to make room for a tip in your budget. suggested tipping estheticians at least 25 percent of the total cost due to the in-depth and specialized services that they perform.

2. Hair Stylist

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According to, the standard tip amount for a hair stylist is 20 percent of the service cost. This can mean that your tip can be between $5 and $60 (or more) depending on the type of appointment that you've booked.

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3. Shampoo Attendant

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Did someone besides your normal hair stylist shampoo your hair? If so, you should be sure to tip them. As a former shampoo attendant, I can attest that many of us relied heavily on tips. I found that the standard tipping amount for a shampoo is anywhere between $2 to $6.

4. Makeup Artist

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It takes skill give someone else an #OnFleek cat eye. Be sure to thank your makeup artist for their service by leaving a generous tip. According to, you should tip your makeup artist anywhere from 15-20 percent.

5. Nail Technician

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Taking nails from chipped and ragged to polished and perfect is no easy task. Like other specialty beauty services, POPSUGAR recommended tipping your nail technician's between 15-20 percent.

6. Masseuse

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Oh, massages. They're just incredible, aren't they? Be sure to let your masseuse just how much you enjoy your knot-free back by tipping them 20 percent of the massage price.

7. Hair Stylist Assistant

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In many upscale salons, your personal stylist or colorist may not have time to dry your hair. This is where a junior stylist or a stylist's assistant comes into play. Be sure to thank them for their helpful hand by tipping them anywhere from $5-$10, according to POPSUGAR.

8. Spray Tan Technician

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Didn't think that a spray tan was a "tippable" service? Think again. These attendants are performing a service, and therefore, deserved to be tipped. suggested tipping 20 percent for your spray tan.

9. Waxing Attendent

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Those brow hairs aren't going to remove themselves, so if someone else removes them for you, be sure to leave a tip. recommended tipping waxing attendants anywhere from 15-20 percent.

Got all this information down? Good. Now, go out there, and be the best client that you can.

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