How Kylie Jenner Wants You To Apply Her Lip Kits

by Kali Borovic

With another Kylie Cosmetics restock coming soon, the brains behind the operation, Kylie Jenner, is giving some Lip Kit application tips on social media. She shared some tips on her Snapchat for how to get the best application possible, just in case you weren't using the product to its full potential. As you probably already know, Jenner is a huge fan of her own products, so it only makes sense that she'd know exactly how to use them. How do you get the perfect Lip Kit application? The secret is all about how you use the wand.

On a recent Snapchat story, Jenner explained the difference between a flawless, comfortable liquid lipstick experience and a less than ideal one. She spilled the details on exactly how she uses her Lip Kits to get a long-lasting look without a super drying feel on the lips. It turns out the key to getting the perfect, barely there application is only going over your lips only once with the applicator.

"If you already have my matte lipsticks, I really recommend only using one layer," Jenner said on social media. "Just swipe it once and keep it thin."

Jenner followed up the post by saying that the reason for this is that the lipsticks are super pigmented, so you really don't need to build them up too much. When you forget that you're wearing lipstick, that's when you've mastered the perfect application!

This isn't the only tip that she's given on how to use her products either. Since Kylie Cosmetics launched, Jenner has been sharing how she and her friends like to wear her all of the different hues. Her fans have some pretty good advice as well. Here are some of the most creative ways to rock these lip products.

1. Line The Glosses

Adding liner before the Kylie Glosses gives them a much more polished look and make the color even more pigmented.

Her matte liners are the perfect shades to pair with these neutral glosses.

2. Combine Colors

If you're looking to get a more customized color, just mix a few of the shades that you already have on hand.

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3. Use A Lip Kit As Eyeliner

This tip is by far the most interesting. A fan used the lipstick "22" as eyeliner and it turned out gorgeous.

5. Highlight With Metallic

If a full-on metallic pout isn't really your thing, use a Metal Matte as a lip highlighter instead. It's the perfect way to fake fuller lips and add a little more depth to the color.

Who knew there were so many ways to wear lip products!