7 Wedding Cake Alternatives Guests Will Actually Want to Eat

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Girl loves boy (or girl). Boy loves girl (or boy). The cake is cut, and half of your guests head for the door — or at least back to the dance floor.

Why is it that after the ceremonial cutting, everyone rapidly loses interest in the cake? Many wedding cakes are, undoubtedly, works of art — I’m particularly enamored with Kaley Cuoco’s recent gravity-defying cake — but it’s a sad, sad reality that many guests will have only a bite or two of cake before setting it down, if they even touch it at all. By the time the fondant masterpiece has been sliced, the DJ has switched from Van Morrison to Usher, a few drinks have likely been spilt, and the high heels have most certainly come off. Ain’t nobody got time for cake. Preserve a bit of your budget and opt instead for these fan-favorite desserts to give your big day a sweet finish.

Image: Getty Images

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