Daisy Ridley's Honest Instagram Is Everything

If I had my way, the phrase "I woke up like this" would only be uttered ironically. Daisy Ridley's self-esteem Instagram photo is the real talk that we all need, because we all know looking flawless isn't easy. I don't know about you guys, but, when I wake up, I am so not on my game. My hair has decided to rogue. My skin looks decidedly unfiltered. Taking a selfie seems like something only a masochist would do, or at least someone with heaps of unchecked confidence. That's why any time a celebrity or Insta-famous account snaps a pic with the hashtag #wokeuplikethis looking like they stepped right out of the pages of a fashion spread, I can't help but roll my eyes — and, apparently, neither can Ridley. The Star Wars actress, who portrayed the smart, savvy, Force-sensitive Rey in the new film, knows that what you see on the internet is often BS.

The actress took a screenshot of her own SnapChat and shared it on Instagram in order to prove a point about how seeing something doesn't always mean it's real. Ridley's photo included the caption "I woke up like this #nofilter #nomakeup," something that Ridley was clearly joking about. She explained in her Instagram caption that she definitely did not wake up looking like this, and that she was both filtered and made up before snapping the shot. Ridley went on to explain that she has insecurities just like everyone else, and acknowledged that it's challenging to live in a world where social media tries to hide flaws. Realer words have not been spoken.

Ridley's message reminds us that even famous faces feel insecure sometimes, and that we could all use a little more transparency in the images we see on the internet. The lack of authentic natural pics online — or worse, edited ones parading as natural — can cause anyone to have a warped sense of how someone should look. You don't have to quit adding Valencia on top of your selfies, but remember that if you're doing it, so is everyone else — and that Instagram is so not real life.