14 Cheap Mother's Day Cards Under $3

If you love your mama, but are on a tight budget, then these 14 cheap Mother's Day cards are going to be right up your alley. At three dollars or less, each one of these cards is a total steal. Want to known something else cool about them? They are each made by independent sellers on Etsy! So awesome. Now you can get mom an affordable card, and you can feel good about where you're getting it from.

So how do these sellers manage to make such beautiful cards for under three bucks? A handful of these gems are actually printable straight from your computer, which means if you're running really late on getting mom a card... like, day-of late.... then they've still got you covered.

There is a card here for every type of mom. From hilarious sayings to breathtaking designs, you really have your pick of the crop here. Even if you can't get mom everything she deserves, you can still get her a card that is as lovely as she is. Who knows? You might even want to stock up while the deals are here. Your mom's never going to stop being awesome. Am I right? So right.

1. Mom, You Were Right Mother's Day Card

How does she know everything!?!

Mom, You Were Right Mother's Day Card, $1.98, LittleBrownCards/Etsy

2. Printable Best Mom Ever Card

Those watercolor florals are just killing me.

Printable Best Mom Ever Card, $2.61, PinkPopsDesign/Etsy

3. Have A Purr-fect Card

If you've got a cat-loving mama... this card was made for her.

Have A Purr-fect Card, $2.95, DreamALittleDream89/Etsy

4. Printable Coloring Mother's Day Card

How cool is this? Color your mom's card!

Printable Coloring Mother's Day Card, $2, ColoringBliss/Etsy

5. Floral Pearl Oyster Mother's Day Card

Vintage and perfect.

Floral Pearl Oyster Mother's Day Card, $2.95, thechurchlanegallery/Etsy

6. Mama Bear Recycled Paper Card

Moms are mama bears for life.

Mama Bear Recycled Paper Card, $3, TheBusyBeeCreations/Etsy

7. Funny Mum Card

Truer words have never been spoken.

Funny Mum Card, $2.95, SarahBurnsPrints/Etsy

8. Printable Floral Watercolor Mother's Day Card

This looks like it's straight from Anthropologie, minus the price tag.

Printable Floral Watercolor Mother's Day Card, $1.99, SplashOfSilver/Etsy

9. Printable Funny Mother's Day Card

If you feel like being a little bit obnoxious...

Printable Funny Mother's Day Card, $2.25, RememberNovemberInc/Etsy

10. Printable Thanks For Raisin Me Card

Because who doesn't love an illustrated pun?

Printable Thanks For Raisin Me Card, $2.42, elemenopeedesign/Etsy

11. Printable Chalkboard Card

I don't think a prettier card exists.

Printable Chalkboard Card, $2, TealOliveDesigns/Etsy

12. Best Mom Ever Card

These three simple words say it all.

Best Mom Ever Card, $3, 1of1doodles/Etsy

13. Rustic Mother's Day Card

Even if you don't talk to her every day, chances are you're thinking of her.

Rustic Mother's Day Card, $3, AnnsPaperie/Etsy

14. Faux Metallic Rose Gold And Coral Pink Card

All metallic, all day long. Yes, yes, yes.

Faux Metallic Rose Gold And Coral Pink Card, $3, JadeForestDesign/Etsy