Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Sticks Are Coming

The company might be known for amazing brow products, but it's adding another staple to the ever-growing makeup line. Anastasia Beverly Hills contour and highlight sticks are coming out, and you will without a doubt fall in love with them at first sight The new twist up product is something completely different than anything the brand has done before. Don't rush out to the stores just yet though, because these products won't be available until the end of the summer.

According to social media posts by Anastasia Beverly Hills president Claudia Soare, the three stick contour shades and one highlighter will launch in August. She's been flaunting the new hues — Fawn, Mink, and Shadow — all over Instagram and Snapchat with behind the scenes looks that have been getting ABH fans pretty excited. That's not all either. It even looks like there's a stick version of the cult favorite Banana shade.

While the brand already has a very popular line of fabulous contour kits on the market, this new creation seems a bit more convenient for beginners who don't necessarily need a bunch of different shades. Now you don't have to buy an entire kit filled with colors that you might never touch. Instead, you'll be able to purchase the exact contour and highlight that you want. The packaging is also much more on-the-go friendly with its twist up tube.

There's no word on how much these will cost yet, but I'm willing to bet it'll be somewhere between $16 and $22 based on the brand's other face products. With the convenient packaging and the unique coloring of the contour and highlight sticks, this new summer launch is sure to be an instant hit.

ABH is already known for amazing contour products, so it only makes sense that the brand keep expanding the line. With 28 different singles to choose from and two kits that come with six shades, the new twist-up sticks will fit right into the contour and highlight family.

1. The Original Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hill Original Contour Kit Light To Medium, $40,

Available in three different color ranges, this palette was an instant hit. Because customers can choose from light to medium, medium to tan, and tan to deep, this is perfect for professionals as well as makeup enthusiasts.

2. Glow Palette

Anastasia Beverly Hills Glow Kit Gleam, $40,

Because ABH already has such a stunning powder highlight palette on the market, it makes sense that they'd go in a different direction for the new light-enhancing products.

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3. Cream Contour Kit

Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit, $40,

The company also created a cream contour kit, which I'm guessing is more like the palette version of the new sticks. Just like the other kit, there's three different color options as well.

4. Highlight Brush

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brush #23, $25,

Although ABH doesn't have a contour brush, it does have a fluffy highlight brush to use with lightening powders. Not that you'll need any of these tools for the new twist-up products!

5. Highlighting Pencil

Anastasia Beverly Hills Highlighting Duo Pencil, $23,

Technically this product is meant to highlight the arch of your brow, but there aren't any rules in makeup. I'm guessing it would look just as lovely on the cheek bones.

I can't wait to see how the new products compare!

Images: Anastasia Beverly Hills (5)