11 Lady-Led Podcasts That Will Rock Your World

by Allie Gemmill

Podcasts are my life blood. They are what keeps me going through running errands, writing, and even cooking up three-course gourmet dinners (which often take the form of lifeless vegetables steamed in the microwave). Podcasts have been around for a while now but it wasn't until Serial hit the podcast airwaves that our obsession with the revamped radio format really took hold. And it's not just the selection of podcasts available to us, but also the endless plethora of topics that are getting covered in new and exciting ways. This ain't your mama's radio. It's better. And these female-led podcasts certainly prove that.

There are some seriously good podcasts available now that feature women at the helm. Whether it's in a serialized drama, a thoughtful discussion over pop culture, or even some good old fashioned comedy, women are grabbing the reigns and reshaping the podcast landscape. There's an honesty and freedom to the podcast format that feels like the proper fit for us ladies. We speak openly and plainly with our friends and family. We like to push the limits. We could write novels about our experiences combatting sexism on a daily basis. We like to make light of regularly weird and wonderful situations, whether its the television that we watch or the failed Tinder dates we survived.

So no matter what you relate to, there's definitely a podcast that matches your experience. Here are 13 of them to get you started.

1. 2 Dope Queens

The 2 Dope Queens in question are Jessica Williams (The Daily Show) and Phoebe Robinson (Broad City). They want to deliver to you some serious truth bombs wrapped up in really good comedy. The duo host a live comedy show each week and feature three guest comedians, many of whom are female comics worth knowing about. They tackle everything from race to feminism to the fear of failure, leaving no stone unturned. Their jokes are on point, leaving you chuckling for a solid hour.

You can find it on iTunes here.

2. Mouth Time with Reductress

If your interests merge into a Venn diagram where you like social satire but you are also an avid fan of Girls, then smack in the middle you would have Mouth Time with Reductress. Hosted by fictional ladymag editors Quenn and Div, the podcast uses satire to highlight pointless media and stereotypes women are fed on a daily basis. Think The Onion but for the millennial set. With segments like "Name That Meltdown!" and "Smell A T-Shirt, Guess What He Does," Mouth Time is satirically discussing the insipid nature of beauty trends, cultural fads, and silly social norms.

You can find it on iTunes here.

3. B*tch Sesh: A Real Housewives Breakdown

Attention, fans of any (or all) of the Real Housewives franchises, this is the podcast for you. Casey Wilson and Danielle Schneider (Hotwives of Las Vegas) gather each week to discuss all of the latest news in the world of the Real Housewives. It's sassy, shady, and seriously good stuff. If you're a tried-and-true fan of the shows, or you like hearing some side-splittingly truthful hottakes of how weird the dramas are, you shouldn't skip this one.

You can find it on iTunes here.

4. Guys We F*cked

Corrine Fisher and Krystyna Hutchinson, better known as comedy duo Sorry About Last Night, deliver real-talk about the sex lives of women. This is brutally honest conversation with a sex-positive, anti-slut shaming slant. Whether it's the physics of bathroom sex, or the ways in which women are affected by porn, the Guys We F*cked podcast is brutal, raunchy, and beautiful. What's even better is that Fisher and Hutchinson are seriously good friends who always support each other, and it shines through in every episode.

You can find it on iTunes here.

5. Anna Faris Is Unqualified

Anna Faris is a national treasure, plain and simple. For Unqualified, Faris moves into Dear Abby territory, tackling relationship issues with a different celebrity co-host each week. Faris likes to remind us she is unqualified but ready to help her listeners sort through their romantic woes, but it becomes evident she's actually a pro. Bonus: Faris records in her own home and husband Chris Pratt has been known to jump in from time to time to offer his own two wisdom-filled cents.

You can find it on iTunes here.

6. The Read

Bloggers-turned-cultural icons Kid Fury and Crissle are churning out some of the feistiest takes on black pop culture today. They are so sharp in their weekly takedown of all the major news happening in the black community that it becomes pure brilliance. While Kid Fury is often heard throwing hilarious shade, Crissle is there to even him out and deliver some wise realness. From the power of Beyoncé to the silliness of celebrity feuds, Crissle is life giving with her pop culture prowess.

You can find it on iTunes here.

7. Not Safe with Nikki Glaser

If you haven't heard of Nikki Glaser, now is the time to get on it. Glaser is the host of Not Safe and, in a similar vein to Guys We F*cked, takes on sex, dating, and relationships in the best way possible: comedy. If you think sex cannot be an oddball affair, listen to Glaser's hot takes and let your mind be changed forever. She's not afraid to get as raunchy as the guys, dispelling any notion that women need to be ladylike is order to be sexual.

You can find it on iTunes here.

8. Limetown

Limetown is Serial for the radio play set. Every week, Lia Haddock, a reporter for the fictional American Public Radio, takes us further into the mystery surrounding Limetown, a scientific research facility and fabricated town, and the overnight disappearance of the three hundred residents. Things get difficult very quickly for Lia as she tracks down those connected to Limetown. Lia is, at every turn, as skeptical yet unwavering in her pursuit of the truth.

You can find it on iTunes here.

9. The Message

For those who like aliens with their morning coffee, tune in to The Message. This drama is narrated by endlessly curious podcaster Nicky Tomalin as she joins a team of cryptologists charged with decoding a 70-year-old message believed to have come from an alien planet. Nicky is our way into the personal dramas of the team, as well as the fantastic revelations that come with decoding the alien messages. Riffing off Orson Welles' landmark radio adaptation of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, The Message features a cast of well-rounded female characters who are ready to solve the unsolvable.

You can find it on iTunes here.

10. Alice Isn’t Dead

From the creators of the monstrously successful Welcome To Night Vale, Alice Isn't Dead follows an unnamed female trucker as she zig-zags across the American landscape in search of her wife, Alice. It's a weekly drama that turns up the dial on the sci-fi and spooks. Think Twin Peaks meets This American Life with a badass heroine at the helm. Our narrator is as tough as she is vulnerable. Listening to her escapades through the American heartland, as they become increasingly paranormal and unsettling, makes it well worth your time.

You can find it on iTunes here.

11. #girlboss radio

Nasty Gal founder Sophia Amoruso is taking over podcast land with her weekly interviews with other female bosses. Each week, Amoruso sits down to discuss what it's like to be a female in the workplace and, even better, a female boss. Her interviews with actress/writer/director Alexi Wasser and Christine Day, the former CEO of Lululemon, are especially noteworthy. You be left feeling empowered and ready to tackle your workday after every episode.

You can find it on iTunes here.

In all seriousness, you can't go wrong with any of these podcasts. They all feature women at the helm who are tastemakers and seriously cool movers-and-shakers. But, it would be crazy to choose just one, right? Choose them all and add some major shine to your life.

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