Bey's 'Lemonade' Has A Wealth Of Musical Genres

When a new album drops from one of your favorite artists, there's sometimes a bit of apprehension over changing musical styles. But for Beyonce, it seems, the route less traveled by is one she's not afraid to go down. Case in point, Beyonce's Lemonade encompasses a variety of musical genres, but she shows that she can effortlessly execute each and every one. Though, you know, it's Beyonce — she could make the most grating children's TV show songs major hits if she really tried.

Lemonade is a gripping album in and of itself, outside of the fact that Bey's dipping her toe into the eclectic music pool, because of the multitude of issues it touches on. The genre jumping, though, adds that extra special something that makes her the unparalleled artist that she is. Beyonce does it all, all at once, and ups her game each and every time she puts out new music. Lemonade is a true testament to this, but the most impressive part is that the sound of the album is still cohesive, despite the innate differences in genre.

Here are the eight genres explored in Lemonade, so prepare to get slayed musically over and over again through Bey's new track.

1. R&B

"Pray You Catch Me," "6 Inch," and "Love Drought, are probably the songs that are most typically Bey-sounding and R&B-feeling.

2. Reggae

"Hold Up" is deceivingly yet deliciously upbeat for a song that's so wonderfully cutting.

3. Hip-Hop

This one goes without saying. We're all familiar with "Formation" by now, aren't we?

4. Hip-Hop/Rock Fusion

"Don't Hurt Yourself." featuring Jack White is different in the best possible way and reminiscent of one of my favorite Bey songs, "Ring the Alarm."

5. Dance

"Sorry," is a jammable track that still packs an emotional punch. It's a revelation.

6. Country

Yes, "Daddy Lessons" is a country song. And yes, it's good. It's really, really good.

7. Ballad

"Sandcastles" is a beautiful and impassioned song that tells a story of broken promises. It's one you can belt your heart out to when you're feeling some type of way.

8. Soul

"Freedom" featuring Kendrick Lamar is a tried and true anthem with so much heart.

Basically, if you give Lemonade a listen, you're in for an all-encompassing musical experience.