Handle Sweaty Hair & Face Sweat When It's Hot Out With These 8 Tricks

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Summer is my favorite season. From vacation time to music festivals to moving my workouts outdoors — what's not to love? Okay, there is that one thing: Dealing with super hot temperatures and the sweat that comes with them. Still, there are effective ways to handle sweat in your hair and on your face when it's hot out.

With just a few helpful tips, it's easy to wipe away the dirt and oils that build up when temperatures rise. And as a result, you'll feel cool, confident, and your look will stay on point for the entire day — no matter what your warm seasons have in store. If you just got back from Florida and are embarking on that work flow again, you can make sure that your fresh-from-vacation tan is the only thing that's shining: Just find the mattifying powder that seamlessly absorbs any excess oils on your face. This is vital for anyone who commutes via the hot (understatement) subway or bus during the warmer months — or for anyone, like me, who seems to consistently be sprinting to work #oops. So, read on, and learn how to keep your sweat-free hair and beauty routines 100 when your weather app reads 100, too.

Absorbent Dry Shampoo With Time-Released Aroma Refreshes Hair

Clean Original Dry Shampoo , $14, Amazon

If you actively avoid mid-day errand runs because rushing around outdoors results in a sweaty scalp, an absorbent dry shampoo will do the trick for you. Spray this cleansing product on your roots to wipe away any sweat or oils that creeped onto your scalp while you were running around, and you can head back into the office feeling totally refreshed. Bonus: This spray features a time-released clean fragrance that keeps your hair smelling shampoo-fresh come 5 p.m. One user categorized this dry shampoo as her "secret weapon," and said, "It's also a lifesaver for redeye flights when you have to go straight to meetings the next day." She even carries a smaller, travel-sized bottle of the mixture in her purse for last-minute touch-ups, too.

Or Tame Sweat-Induced Frizz With Awapuhi Mist

Paul Mitchell Awapuhi Moist Mist , $11, Amazon

When you're spending tons of time sweating in the humid air, your hair likely has something to say about it. Not only does this hydrating mist ensure your hair's texture stays smooth in the face of humidity, but users say this formula gets the job done without depositing unwanted greasiness. One fan said it's "much needed in the summer to control frizzes and make the hair more curly. It also stops the drying out that you get from the sun. Love it!" The spray's awapuhi ingredient also adds sleekness and luminosity to hair that could otherwise be weighed down by sweat, dirt, and oils.

Incorporate Mattifying Coverage Into Your Routine To Eliminate Shine

Jolie Invisible Pressed Blotting Oil , $19, Amazon; Skindinavia Oil Control Makeup Finishing Spray, $11, Amazon

On days when you're doing an outdoor happy hour and want to keep your skin looking completely matte, Jolie's totally translucent powder could be your secret weapon for shine-free skin all day long. Unlike other mattifying powders, this one stays super translucent on your skin for a natural look. One fan of the powder even said it "...kept my makeup on all day and is translucent over my foundation. If you have oily skin and have a hard time keeping your makeup on all day this is a must have." Or if you're not into as-needed touch-ups (instead, you prefer to set makeup once and be done with it), consider leveling up your morning makeup game with this hypoallergenic setting spray. The formula is temperature controlled for reducing shine — lasting for up to 16 hours of wear.

Wear A Sweat-Blocking Headband To Protect Against Sweat On Your Jog

Halo Headband Sweatband , $13, Amazon

This sweat-blocking headband uses special fabric technology to pull sweat away from your eyes and face, and its Dryline fabric dries quickly, too — so you don't have to worry about sweat-induced breakouts hours later. Plus, as nothing is worse than a headband coming loose while you're mid-way through your workout, this headband promises to fit securely and never lose shape. One user also says she swears by this accessory because her eyes no longer burn when she's exercising in hot temperatures. Plus, you can pick your favorite color way from 19 different varieties.

Dab Away Sweat & Oil With Natural Hemp & Wood Pulp To Stay Shine-Free

SHANY On The Go Oil Blotting Papers, 4 Count , $11, Amazon

You and your bestie are headed to that weekend-long music festival this summer, and you're worried that sweat will mess with the festival makeup you've spent hours learning on YouTube. But no worries: These natural hemp and wood pulp blotting papers will keep sweat from ruining your blog-worthy look. They can absorb ten times their weight in excess oil, and they'll wipe away moisture without smudging your make-up. This set comes with four tiny, compact envelopes that can fit right into your distressed denim shorts. Plus, each envelope comes with 100 papers — so you'll be rocking out oil-free, all weekend long.

Apply Peppermint & Eucalyptus Oils For Instant Relief After A Hot Day

Plant Guru Beginner's Trio Essential Oil Set , $16, Amazon

Vanessa Elese, an Emmy award-winning celebrity makeup artist and beauty expert, told Today.com, "Peppermint and eucalyptus oils are the perfect mix of cooling relief. The homeopathic remedies of these oils signal the body to instantly cool and, even better, stay cool." When you're spending the day under the sun, she recommends grabbing a wet cloth and adding a few drops of each oil for instant relief from too-hot temperatures. This oil set comes with both peppermint and eucalyptus — plus lavender oil, which is known to eliminate dandruff (which could happen from too much drying under the sun).

... And Apply Cooling Oils Where You Need With Evaporative Towel

Frogg Toggs Chilled Evaporative Towel, $9, Amazon

Having a chilled towel on hand to keep you dry makes all the difference on a sweaty afternoon. This one's smartly designed polyester mesh material makes a perfect addition to the cooling essential oils — just dab, wipe, and wring out the excess. It retains up to eight times its weight in moisture, all while feeling completely dry. One reviewer said, "It feels like a cold towel and you know it's wet, but it doesn't get your clothes wet! You can wrap around neck or shoulder, or lay it on your lap or against your face; it's remarkably cool."

Travel-Size, Sweat Absorbing Powders Means On-the-Go Coverage

Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo, $10, Amazon

You and your partner planned a trip to a new city on your Sunday off, and temperatures will be scorching. You already know the scalp sweat is going to happen, so plan to stay comfortable with a travel-size dry shampoo that doesn't compromise on powerful coverage. Amika's volumizing rice starch formula contains a deodorizing agent that won't leave powdery residue behind, and reviewers are praising the spray for its flawless coverage. One fan said, "This stuff is now my holy grail. It does not make my hair greasy at all! Before, I could barely get away with washing my hair every other day. Now, I could stretch it out to three days and my hair still looks amazing."

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