Twitter Users Describe Their Best Day In 3 Words

Whether it's winning the lottery, waking up to find out rape culture has been eradicated, or getting a basket of kittens and chocolate-covered potato chips delivered to your doorstep, everyone's idea of what their best day would be differs. Today, Twitter users are revealing their #BestDayIn3Words, and the short and sweet fantasies range from political and romantic to professional and culinary.

Although the idea of one day that trumps all others is a nice idea in theory, some of the best posts are actually more realistic, proving how your "best day" can actually occur over and over again, as long as the circumstances are right. Just a brief Google search for "how to have your best day every day" provides a load of self-help tips, from being present and showing gratitude, to hanging with people you love and listening to music. But, if you're not feeling like putting any effort into achieving a monumental 24 hours, there's a handy Buzzfeed quiz to tell you when the Best Day Of Your Life will be, so you can just count down the minutes until that baby rolls around. Until then, here's what Twitter users have to say about how they envision their best days.

Images: Unsplash; Twitter