These OVO Fest Memes & Jokes Are Too Real

Monday morning was nothing less than an amazing morning for Drake fans everywhere. However, the good news was especially strong for Drake fans planning to be in Canada at the Air Canada Centre (ACC) this summer. Between the release of both the tour dates for Drake's Summer Sixteen Tour and the line-up announcement for Toronto's 7th Annual OVO Fest, the rush to immediately find out how to buy tickets is real. And, as expected, amidst all of the chaos and excitement for tickets also comes any fan's fair share of other emotions. From panic to tears of joy to dance breaks, you just can't sit back and hold your emotions about all of this news back. That's why fans are taking to Twitter to share their feelings in the form of some hilarious OVO Fest/Summer Sixteen memes and jokes. Because, well, the feels are just too real to ignore.

The need to laugh off the pain is certainly a struggle that is oh-so-relatable. Whether Drake fans are trying to find out how they can save enough money, get off of work, or even get on a flight to Canada in the first place, the 7th Annual OVO Fest is going to be the most epic leg of the Summer Sixteen Tour. With special guests including Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and Future confirmed, it should live up to the OVO Fest expectations. But, for now, all you can do is process all of these ridiculous feels.

1. When You Honestly Can't Afford To Go

This is probably the most heartbreaking response to your friends you can get. But when the struggle is real... It's real.

2. When There's Nothing Holding You Back From Going Anyway

Break out those dance moves. Because, no matter what the situation is, you will find your way of getting there.

3. When You're Casually Ignoring The Struggles

In the midst of this news, why let real life get you down? Here's to hoping things will turn around.

4. When You Realize You Have To Wait Until The End Of July

Sometimes excitement matched with the reality of a calendar can be a hard-to-handle revelation.

5. When You Find The Solution To Buying Tickets

OVO Fest is totally beneficial to your life education. Let's be real here.

6. When You Finally Let The Feels Out

All of this news is just too much to deal with at once. Let out your best ugly cry.

7. When You Realize OVO Fest Is At The ACC

And, for some Canadian-based fans, this location change could be just as exciting as the rest of the news.

8. When You Briefly Try To Face The Reality Of Your Situation

Wait... What if you don't get tickets to OVO Fest? Why even think about that right now?

9. When You're Trying To Clear Your Schedule

Aside from just buying tickets, you need to make sure you are free to head to Canada the July 29 weekend. The amount of patience needed right now is almost unbearable.

10. But Then You Check Your Bank Account Again

How can fans make enough money by Friday? That's the real question here.

11. Yet Nothing Will Hold You Back

You'll find the money you need to buy tickets. Someway, Somehow.

Drake's latest album, Views From The 6 , will be out April 29 — right when tickets are set to go on sale. Prepare yourself.