U.S. Beats Russia in Olympic Hockey First Round

One of the most anticipated Olympic hockey games ended with a win for the United States on Saturday when T.J. Oshie scored a shootout, clinching a 3-2 win over Russia. The score at the end of regulation play was tied 2-2, sending the game into overtime and then a shootout. The air was thick with tension when the shootout round commenced, but Oshie managed to score four shots out of six, winning the game for Team USA.

It's been 34 years since the legendary Miracle on Ice, but the atmosphere was no less contentious during the Group A match between the former Cold War rivals. The American and Russian hockey teams took to the ice under the watchful eye of Russian President Vladimir Putin for the biggest game of the preliminary round. This game doesn't knock Russia out of the running, and there's still a chance for another showdown. But for now, victory is sweet.

Contributing to the American win was goalie Jonathan Quick who made 29 saves during regulation play and stopped five of the Russians' attempts during the shootout. However, it was Oshie who captured the hearts (and Twitter feeds) of American hockey fans. After the team's victory, the web exploded with love for the young player, with everything from congratulations to marriage proposals to exuberant Wikipedia edits coming his way. Just don't call him a hero: "American heroes are wearing camo," he responded to one comment. "That's not me."

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Image: Getty Images