15 Dog Themed Clothes & Accessories If You're Sick Of Seeing Cats On Everything — PHOTOS

When it comes to animals on clothing, cats have had a monopoly on the niche for far too long. Where is all the dog themed clothing of the world? When will the dog revolution come? Please join my United Association For Justice For Dogs and partake in purchasing some dog-inspired clothing to prove that the demand for pups in fashion is just as high as that of felines. After working in retail for two years, I feel I have the necessary experience needed to spearhead this campaign and bring dogs to the same level of mainstream fashion consciousness that our kitty friends receive.

Browsing the animal-themed clothing of the Internet on any given clothing website should only prove my point: Kittens prevail, and puppies are missing. The rivalry between these two much-loved family pets has been going on since ancient Egypt (I'm sure), but I say it's time for the fashion industry to stop perpetuating the unfair divide.

Sure, dogs proved themselves superior with the release of Cats & Dogs, but that was the early '00s. In the time since, we've seemingly forced cats on clothing onto the general public, when brands should be giving equal representation to our canine buddies. Until that equality is a reality, I reccomend checking out these clothes and accessories made specifically for all the dog lovers out there.

1. Pajamas... Or A Two Piece?

Balloon Dog Tee And Legging Pyjama Set, $39, asos.com

With the lack of dog-themed clothing available to the public, we may have to get a little creative. This pajama set could be separated into two cute dog-themed items or even worn as a snazzy two-piece.

2. Hidden Puppies

Cool Vibes Dress In French Bulldog, $47.99, modcloth.com

Blink and you'll likely miss it, but this '50s style wiggle dress has a French bulldog print that will subtly represent your puppy love.

3. The Scariest Children's Show

Courage The Cowardly Dog Tee, $25.87, torrid.com

If Courage The Cowardly Dog didn't scar you for life in the early 2000s, were you even watching TV in the noughties?

4. She's A Little Husky

Husky Sweater, $79, etsy.com/ecattus

Specify your love of dogs by investing in a sweater that has your favorite breed on it! Now I just have to find the corgi version of this jumper.

5. From Head To Toe

Socks Three Pack, $13, asos.com

Represent your dog adoration from head to toe with these adorable puppy-themed socks.

6. Tote-ally Cute

Bulldog Print Shopper Tote, $1.90, forever21.com

If your dog is small enough, they can be carried around in this super cute dog tote.

7. I Heart Poodles

Poodles Of Fun Sweater, $23.99, modcloth.com

Wear your heart (and poodle) out in the open with this cozy-looking sweater.

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8. Vintage Pooch

Reclaimed Vintage Mini Skirt With Novelty Dog Print, $52, asos.com

Represent your vintage vibes with this super cute and still kind of chic skirt from ASOS.

9. Cruella De Vil

101 Dalmatians Dog Print Dress, $27.60, hottopic.com

Disney totally does dogs justice in so many of its movies, so represent them with this super cute 101 Dalmatians print dress. Try counting and see if there actually are 101 dalmatians on it.

10. Ready For My Close Pup

Who's A Good Pup Tee, $42, shoptunnelvision.com

How cute it this zoomed in puppy tee, though?

11. So Fetch

Sausage Dog Print Skater Dress, $41, asos.com

What's better than a sausage dog print dress? When the sausage dog in question is wearing a beret and a little jumper, of course.

12. Pocket Puppy

Make Fetching Happen Top, $34.99, modcloth.com

I don't know why this dog illustration looks so demented, but I'm into it.

13. More Socks

Grey Fluffy Dog Socks, $6, riverisland.com

Because let's face it: Your dog will have probably torn up all your other dog-themed socks by now.

14. Something More Subtle

Lace Back Dog Print Top, $16.50, asos.com

From far away, it's a pretty pink top with a colored pattern. From up close, it's all about those cute puppies! Win, win.

15. Dogs, Dogs Everywhere

Dog Print Spandex Leggings, $36, etsy.com/purplechinchilla

Let's not leave our legs out. Make sure they get to represent the puppy love, too.

While I may still be bitter about the lack of dogs in the clothing industry, I'm absolutely in love with these items. Let's just hope this list will encourage designers to use dog doodles more often.

Images: Courtesy Brands