Awww! Check Out What She Got For Valentine's Day!

While some celebrities are posting eye-roll worthy V-Day gifts like 1,000 roses (ahem, Kim and Kanye), look no further than the sweetest pop star of all time to post a V-Day gift actually worth swooning over: Kelly Clarkson got an adorable new puppy just in time for Valentine's Day!

She told Twitter: "Everyone ....this is our new little puppy Wyatt. He can't replace my Joplin that passed away but he's pretty great!" Joplin was Clarkson's previous dog, who passed away back in November.

It seems like a pretty great addition to her growing family — she's pregnant, and due to have a girl with her husband, Brandon Blackstock — and what better way to welcome a baby girl into the world than by saying, "hey, you have an adorable, awesome family member already...and it's a dog?"

And it seems like good practice for her, since the singer is a mom-to-be, and she's acknowledging that, too. Shortly after that post, Clarkson tweeted, "Okay here's one more and I swear I'm done. He loves to be held like a baby, which is great practice for me."

It's just definitely refreshing to see stars posting about moments in their lives that are a little less self-indulgent, you know? These are V-Day treats that are easy to get behind, and to mention, they're SFW. It's puppy love, but also for real!

Image: Getty Images